10 Best Protective Dog Breeds

Here are the best protective dog breeds for your family. This guard dog will help you to protect your property and family. This is smart dog breeds which are perfect for the family with children.

cane corso

This is the list of the best protective breeds of dog. A guard dog is a dog that will prevent the stranger from entering your property. The reason these breeds are the best protective dogs is basically that they are smart, strong and have the potential to harm someone and of course, people are afraid of them!

A dog that has not gone through months of special training will rarely inflict any damage or apply force to an intruder. He will most likely just bark and stand in the way of the criminal. However, most intruders will get scared if they learn that you have one of these breeds. These watchdogs do an excellent job, frightening off intruders!

Best protective dog breeds

Here is the list of best protective dog breeds for your house.

1. German Shepherd

german shepherd dog
Source: dogtime.com

This breed not without reason heads the lists, for a long time its representatives are at the peak of popularity, they are smart, smart, well trained. When such a pet appears in the house, he quickly becomes a member of the family, who only, unless does not know how to talk.

Once a shepherd dog, the German shepherd has acquired such qualities as endurance, high efficiency, the ability to make independent decisions. And the subsequent selection has improved the service qualities, making them almost ideal.

In the police, the guard service is especially appreciated for their ability to strike and immobilize an attacker with lightning speed. In addition, they are excellent watchmen, guards, guides, shepherds and companions. The Germans can be kept in the cage as well as in the apartment, but it should be noted that they shed rather strongly.

2. Rottweiler

Source: pets4home.co.uk

These thoroughbred representatives are considered not the most accommodating pets, however, most Rottweilers completely refute this view. Everything depends, first of all, on the environment and upbringing. These dogs are inferior to some official dogs in size, but not by courage and speed of reaction. The attacker has virtually no chance to escape from such a persecutor.

Rottweilers have well-developed fighting qualities, so they need mandatory early socialization and upbringing. In training, special attention should be paid to discipline, the dog must perform the commands the first time. It is impossible to be nervous at training, to shout, to show anxiety, otherwise, the dog will feel weakness. The owner must be strict, collected and fair.

3. Dobermann

Source: dogbreedslist.info

Unlike Rottweiler, this German dog has a more elegant physique. Already at the creation of the breed, it was implied that its representatives would perfectly perform the work of a policeman, a rescuer, a bodyguard. And from dogs used in breeding activities, they took all the necessary qualities, compact, muscular physique, steadiness, courage, quick reaction and anger.

Since the Dobermans have a natural aggression, they require strict upbringing and training, the pet will need to begin socializing from puppyhood. Despite this feature, from the Dobermans are excellent companions, friendly and balanced, they are good for children.

Start such a pet is recommended to people who lead an active lifestyle. The dog will be happy to accompany the owner on jogs and participate in sports events.

4. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer
Source: europuppy.com

These are strong, large dogs, muscular, with a body of a rectangular format. They perfectly serve, guard and are companion dogs. They are often taken to work in customs, police, airports. With a keen sense, dogs are able to quickly detect drugs, smuggling and illegal immigrants.

This dog is active, need regular physical activity. If you do not give the pet a chance to frolic and move a lot without a leash, his physical form and emotional state will deteriorate. By purchasing such a puppy, it is worthwhile to understand that he will have to devote a lot of time and energy.

5. Russian black terrier (Stalin’s dog)

Russian black terrier (Stalin's dog)

The breed was bred in the 40’s for a special mission service on secret military facilities. Of course, such pets should have a set of serious qualities – high intelligence, excellent physical form, determination, increased efficiency and the ability to work in any, even the most severe, conditions.

As a result of breeding activity, a strong, large, muscular, vigilant and sufficiently hardy dog turned out. Black Terriers were entrusted with the protection of strategically important facilities. Today, the representatives of this breed are in great demand in various areas excellent watchmen, guards, bodyguards, they are remarkably able to cope with sports regulations and often shine at exhibitions.

6. St. Bernard

St. Bernard

One of the largest dogs used for various services. St. Bernard is well amenable to education and training, so there is no need to use force and a rigid approach. Such a pet requires respectful attitude and will not tolerate injustice and harshness.

During training, it should be borne in mind that the phlegmatic dog preliminarily ponders how best to perform the task, and do not rush it. Puppy is best taught in the game, so it does not have to “crush” and force, otherwise, you can spoil the relationship with his four-legged friend.

7. Belgian Shepherd Dog

Belgian Shepherd Dog

Perhaps among the athletes, the Belgians have no equal, they are happy to be on the playground for hours and learn the most complex tricks. Dogs of this breed are successfully used for service, they have for this all the necessary qualities. Being originally shepherds, the dogs were able to change the line of their activities, but they did not lose their skills.

When dealing with such a pet, it should be taken into account that he will not tolerate a gross, negligent attitude and physical influence. Having made just one mistake, the owner can turn the productive work into an endless struggle with a dog with a neurasthenic character.

8. Cane Corso italiano

cane corso

The giant is of Italian origin with a very formidable appearance. But Cane Corso has advantages not only in dimensions and appearance, they are very strong and intelligent. Naturally, such an extraordinary pet needs early education and training. It should be as soon as possible to bring him to the crowded places to fully socialize.

9. German boxer

boxer dog

The breed of official dogs, which was bred in Germany today in the USA, is among the ten most popular dogs of this category. This assembled, lean, muscular dog was created to assimilate the teams, to display their intelligence and quickness of reaction. Since 3 months the puppy of this breed is able to perform simple tasks, gradually enriching the stock of skills.

In German boxers a lot of energy and activity, with such a pet you will not get bored. Among the service breeds, they are considered the most playful dogs, and this quality they retain for life. Such a pet is for a grown-up child, they will definitely be able to establish communication.

10. Newfoundland

newfoundland dog

Canadian breed of dogs, having its origin from the ancient Molossians. Large dogs with long, thick wool, well suited to training, have excellent memory and intelligence. Due to the fact that Newfoundland always try to please their master, their upbringing and training should not cause difficulties.

Dogs of such breed are used for service and are given as companions. But, deciding to have such a pet, it should be taken into account, it will take a lot of time for active walking and active training. Such a four-footed friend will be happy to accompany the owner during jogging, training, hiking. Dogs are ready to travel long distances without fatigue.

Newfoundland is deprived of aggression, friendly, reserved and contact. The best place to stay will be a large house, where the pet can freely move around the local area.

A protective dog breeds are more than an animal, such dogs often save human lives, come to the rescue, and without thinking about the danger. Many of them were awarded orders and medals for various feats, but they do not do them for fame. But such a difficult pet requires a special approach – its natural data should be developed, restraining some impulses. The owner should become for the dog a true leader, uncompromising, but kind.

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10 Best Protective Dog Breeds