How To Clean Dog’s Eyes Naturally

Find the best way to clean dog’s eyes naturally at home. Learn what makes dogs eyes look dirty and how to clean them without causing any harm to dogs eye.

clean dogs eye

It happens that one morning the owners notice that something is wrong with their four-legged friend eyes. There are suppurations, withered crusts, cloudy discharge. If there is no way to immediately contact the veterinarian, then you will have to cope on your own. The question arises: what to clean the eyes of the dog? Let’s understand together.

Causes of discharge from the eyes of the dog

As practice shows, in the corners of the dogs’ eyes, mucus or pus can often accumulate.

clean dogs eye

Purulent discharge is, most likely, evidence of eye diseases, their systemic diseases. It is necessary to distinguish between pus and mucus in them. Mucous discharges are oxidized tears. Usually, they are gray or reddish. And if they are not very abundant, then this is considered the norm. If, however, a lot of slime flows out of the dog’s eyes, then surely this is evidence of irritation due to the ingress of dust, a foreign body. Sometimes the reason for an abundant discharge of mucus is a mild inflammation of the eyelids. It is successfully treated if you start the process on time.

Purulent discharge is characterized by a yellowish or greenish color. The causes of the phenomenon can be eye injuries, conjunctivitis, eyelid diseases. And sometimes pus is a symptom of such a dangerous disease of dogs, like the plague.

Sometimes suppuration can appear periodically and be evidence of chronic diseases progressing in the body.

Veterinarians state that most often the suppuration of the eye’s organ in the animal is a sign of conjunctivitis. It can be acute and chronic, secondary and primary. These diseases in pets start in the summer and spring due to the ingress of pollen from plants, foreign objects, eyelid curl.

General rules to clean dog’s eyes

Cleaning eyes dog

Every owner of a dog should know by heart some aspects. To observe them is very important, at the same time simple. For example, each eye is washed with a separate piece of gauze bandage or a lint-free cloth. It is not recommended to take cotton or wadded disks. From them, invisible fibers can separate, which will irritate the inflamed eyes even more.

Before the procedure, wash your hands with soap and water. Do not listen to the counselors who are talking about some branded product to do so. In the operating room still, use the old good household soap. Science has not yet come up with anything better.

There are recommendations to fix the dog before washing the eyes. Stupidity. The animal will only be frightened and will not let the procedure be carried out. Any dog unconditionally trusts its owner. It is enough simply to talk with her in a gentle voice, to give a sniff a tool and tools. So, the pet will understand that it will not hurt. It is necessary after pat, to praise and give a delicious. Of course, this rule only works when the dog is a member of your family, and not an item of interior or a means of earning.

All washing movements must be strictly outside from inside! Only from the ears to the nose, and not vice versa. No doubt, sometimes it is not very convenient, especially for long-haired breeds. But it cannot be otherwise. And do not try to get a bandage right in the eye. An animal can be hurt.

By the way, if you saw on the cornea extraneous particles that are not washed away by tears or washing, do not you dare wipe them with a napkin. You can rub them even deeper. Urgently to the vet! Or call on the house. Otherwise, the dog may lose the eye.

All products, tools, and fluids must be warm. Think for yourself, would you be pleased to get something cold in your sore eyes? So the dog can be scared.

And further. It is more convenient than the simplest syringe for washing that nothing has been invented yet. Just control the strength of the trickle, not to make the animal hurt.

It is highly recommended to purchase in advance commercial means for washing dog eyes. In pet stores and veterinary pharmacies sold products like lotions, drops, solutions.

The prices are suitable for any wallet. In this case, each tool works well. But you do not have to bother with cooking, happen. After all, in such an important matter, the delay is unacceptable.

By the way, after visiting the doctor, the animal will be prescribed drops or medicinal ointments. But this does not save the owner from washing the eyes of the dog. After purulent discharge does not disappear instantly. Therefore, the crust will have to soak for some time and remove. So, before every instillation or ointment, you need to wash your eyes.

Before the procedure, be sure to read the composition of the drug. For example, some already contain chlorhexidine. So you cannot use the chlorhexidine solution for washing.

Clean dog’s eyes naturally

take care of dog eyes

There are several products that are often at hand. Or to cook them is very simple. This is very important because delay can negatively affect the sight of your dog.

Of these, the most accessible are:

  1. Chamomile broth: For its preparation, one does not even have to stomp in the field beyond the plant. Today in drugstores the chamomile already packed up in disposable bags is on sale. It will only brew them with boiling water and cool to a warm state. A good option, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Night tea: Some sources recommend a very strong, freshly brewed drink. Interestingly, and the advisers tried to wash their eyes with tea?. Only slightly boiled tea is suitable for washing the dog’s eyes. The ideal option is tea green.
  3. Manganese: The solution must be very weak, pale pink. Approximately 1 crystal per 250 ml of water. Be sure to make sure that the manganese has dissolved! Otherwise, you risk burning your pet eyes. It is better to filter the liquid before use.
  4. Aloe juice: The agent is good, removes inflammation, promotes recovery. But have you seen this substance? It looks like a thick gel or jelly. To wash her eyes with a dog will be very problematic. Try to dilute the juice a little with boiled water and strain. Then things will go better.
  5. Fizrastvor: Sold in every pharmacy, it costs a penny. Buy in ampoules or in vials it does not matter. It’s very easy to use. You do not need to filter or set anything. Just take and wash the dog’s eyes.
  6. Chlorhexidine: You cannot wash eyes from pharmacies! It is necessary to dilute with saline solution in the proportion of 1 to 5. It is most convenient to measure with a syringe.
  7. Boric acid: I’ll have to prepare the solution. One-quarter teaspoon of powder per 200 ml of pure boiled water. Before applying, be sure to filter!
  8. F-uracil. You can order a solution in a pharmacy, or you can prepare yourself. A 20 mg tablet is dissolved in 100 ml of warm boiled water. Stir thoroughly until completely dissolved.

This is the most cunning and effective means to rinse the eyes of a dog. But remember that they cannot eliminate the cause of excretions and suppuration. These are not medicines! Therefore, with first aid to the pet, immediately go to the veterinarian.

Then to wash out eyes of a dog? Do not use human medicines for the treatment of eye diseases of dog! Otherwise, you can only do harm. The best way is to go to the veterinary clinic. After all, the probability is great that it is not just a mote or a wind blew. Have pity on your pet and take care. Then you will always be pleased with clear eyes, wagging the tail and wet nose of your dog.

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How To Clean Dog’s Eyes Naturally