How to Clip Dog Nails when Dog is Scared

Find the best way to clip dog nails when dog is scared and don’t want to cut nails. Learn to trim nails of the dog who is scared because of the previous accident or trauma.

clip dog nails when dog is scared

Before each owner of a four-legged friend, there is a rather serious problem caring for him and, especially, how to cut the dog’s claws. Occupation is extremely responsible because unlike a human, dog claws have a completely different structure. Claws in dogs have their own specific characteristics. If the dog spends a lot of time on the street, its claws tend to stain by themselves, on the asphalt or other hard coatings. But not all dogs walk a lot in the street, besides, not all claws are worn on asphalt, and in winter hardcover is reliably covered with snow. So what is hidden behind the phrase, how to cut the dog’s nails, why it is needed and how it’s done.

Clip dog nails when dog is scared

nail cut dog

This procedure is not the most pleasant, it can surprise and scared the dog, however, if everything is done correctly, the dog will not feel anything. Unfortunately, it happens that during the procedure inexperienced owners cause pain to their pet, after which he begins to be scared of nail clipping. However, it is necessary to do this, so try to help the dog overcome his fear. There are several ways to do this.

One of them is suitable for dogs of large breeds, who are given to understand who is in charge of the house. Tie the animal, order it to stay in place, firmly grasp the paw in your hand and start cutting. If the dog is resisting, take it by the withers and shake it the way a mother usually does with her puppies. You can ask another family member to help you with this. Once again, proceed to the procedure, if necessary, repeating the punishment. Correctly brought up dog will understand everything from the first time.

There are also more gentle methods. You can gradually accustom the dog to a clipping of claws. Often caress her on her hands in a position that is comfortable for this procedure. About a week later, when the animal gets used to this situation, take the tweezers in your hand (it’s better to buy new ones in the store that do not resemble those that hurt the dog). First, just hold them in your hands, give the pet a sniff. Then, after another week, click on them near the paws. After some time, try to gently cut a small piece of the claw, while praising the dog, and then give her a treat. So, gradually, you will be able to consolidate success and finish the procedure. Do not forget about praise and delicacy, positive motivation is extremely important in this matter.

Importance of clipping nail

The importance of cutting nails in dogs is difficult to overestimate.

dogs nail clip

If you do not cut off the claws in time, they can easily enter the skin, make a wound and infect. It is important to remember that the paws with wounds may well be in a dirty puddle, and in a garbage dump or just on the ground. Not to mention the fact that the nail delivers a serious discomfort to the dog, causing constant pain. Even if the claw has not yet grown into the skin, the paw cannot function normally, shrink and unclench, as expected. In addition, improperly growing nails can lead to limp and skeletal problems in dogs.

Nestled nails, even if they do not grow into a paw, will greatly interfere with the pet and the owner. Delay in this matter can be expensive to get the owner – it’s almost impossible to cut the ingrown nail independently because of the resistance of the pet, besides, few people have veterinary knowledge that it would be possible to heal the wound on the paw without consequences. Well, the time to clip the claws of a dog is easy to calculate. As soon as claws clattered and clattered on the floor, it was time to cut them. By the way, this is another reason for the need to cut the claws. Because of them, the whole house can easily find out that the dog has decided to refresh himself or drink some water in the middle of the night.

Required Tools

In order to clip dog nails without scaring her, you need to take all the required tools with you.

  1. Special scissors: In pet stores, you can purchase special scissors for claws in dogs. The usual scissors should not try to shear claws because they are for this almost not adapted.
  2. First aid kit in case of bleeding. To touch a nerve and a blood vessel is quite simple, so you need to stock up on a hemostatic agent for this case.
  3. As a rule, the nail scissors do not always leave a good even nail, and often the place of circumcision needs to be finished with a special nail file.
  4. Clipping nails in dogs by the degree of scandal is only slightly inferior to nail cutting in children. In this case, if the children can explain or promise something, then the dogs often defend themselves to the last.

A few necessary rules


Before you begin the procedure, you need to prepare a place and a dog. If you have to cut the claws puppy, and even the first time, you need to be as cautious and attentive as possible to this operation. The dog fear for nail cut depends on your first nail clipping day. So don’t take your puppy or first nail cut lightly, it is better to take an expert opinion for the first time.

If it is unsuccessful to cut the claw, causing the dog pain, you can leave the last one for life in prejudice against cutting claws and then each haircut will turn into a nightmare.

You can distract the dog with something, and also secretly cut off his claws. Unfortunately, this method does not always work, so you must first calm the pet.

Actions during bleeding and preventive examination

If everything went wrong and the blood from the nail in the dog still went, the main thing is not to panic. To begin with, you need to calm down the pet, caressing and, perhaps, giving a treat. In this case, it is necessary to treat the wound in order to prevent infection and other things. The blood is very sluggish, so you can simply treat it from all kinds of infections.

By the way, you cannot just properly cut the nails of the dog, but also carry out at the same time a preventive examination of the pads of the feet. Often it is from there that the diseases associated with cracked skin begin. Since it is the feet that come into direct contact with the earth, they must be carefully examined. In addition to cracks on the legs can be the fungus, and calluses and much more. To improve ventilation, you can also cut hair on the paws.

Helpful Tips

There are a number of facts about the need to cut nails and a few useful tips, often used to properly cut the nails of the dog.

dog nail
  1. Long nails are potentially dangerous for both humans and the dog. Giving a paw or “hugging” a dog can easily damage a person’s skin, and at the same time inflict injury to them when scratching.
  2. With regular nail cutting, the pulp can retreat, along with the nail, and then the issue of the nail trim will disappear by itself.
  3. Even with frequent walking on the asphalt, it is necessary to inspect the nails, especially on the subordinate finger of the paw. The nail located there in most cases is not rubbed against the ground and asphalt and it needs to be cut.
  4. Choosing a claw is necessary based on the convenience of the handle and the sharpness of the blade. The latter must be perfect sharpness, otherwise, it is simply impossible to cut the nails of a dog.
  5. To cut the claws of a dog at a time in the home does not know, probably no one. That’s why you need to stretch this procedure for several visits.
  6. The best way to cut nails in dogs is to do this procedure after taking a bath with a pet. Relaxed with warm water, the dog will not resist so much, and soaked fingernails will lend themselves more easily.
  7. Oddly enough, small dogs give much more problems with nail cutting than larger dogs. The reason for this is a calmer and more balanced lifestyle for young friends.
  8. In no case should one be nervous or afraid. Fear will pass to the pet, and he will start trying to escape from the cut.
  9. You cannot cut a nail if something prevents it from being examined. This can lead to painful wounds. Always before the cut, you need to carefully examine everything and cut off excess hair.
  10. Adult dogs are always more cautious about cutting their nails. Only after several successful procedures they again will be able to fearlessly substitute the paw under the claw.

Scissors for dogs for nails are best bought in veterinary stores. However, it is worthwhile to think about entrusting a nail clipper to a skilled specialist for a dog. They already know how to quickly and efficiently cut off the nails of a dog. If it is decided to circumcise the nails themselves, it is worthwhile to carefully think over and apply the above.

Afterwards, remember the need for timely clipping of claws. It is important to do everything right, without damaging the blood vessels. Enlighten the claw before cutting, and arrange the tweezers in two or three millimeters from the place where the vessel ends. Do not use ordinary manicure scissors, get a good tool designed specifically for dogs, otherwise the process of circumcision may be delayed, which is unlikely to please the pet.

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How to Clip Dog Nails when Dog is Scared