Can Dogs Get Colds? Signs, Symptoms And Home Remedies

Yes, our beloved pet can get the cold same as us, but it is more dangerous for them as treatment is not easy. So, it is important to learn about the sign and symptoms of cold in dogs and how to prevent a cold in dogs.

cold in dogs

Colds in dogs is a frequent phenomenon in the winter period when not only humans but also animals are exposed to the effects of various infections. Ways of infection of dogs with viral colds, contacts with infected animals during walks. Most susceptible to catarrhal diseases are young and old dogs, as well as animals with weakened immunity.

Causes of a cold in a dog

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A dog can be affected by a cold of any breed and age, and even strong health and strong immunity is not a complete guarantee against a strong virus. A healthy and strong dog can recover in a short time, the infection will pass without special consequences for her body. But if the dog has bad heredity, immunity is reduced, or poor health is given to her by the breed, the consequences can be deplorable.

The following factors can provoke an infectious common cold:

  1. Genetic predisposition of the breed and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases. The most common colds are decorative indoor dog breeds that have a vulnerable gene pool due to mass breeding.
  2. Elderly or young age. Weak immunity is possessed by puppies and old dogs.
  3. During long walks in the cold season, dogs get into extreme conditions. Especially dangerous are such situations for rocks with weak abilities for body heat regulation. Hypothermia can occur because of wetting the wool in the rain or snow, the animal’s fall into the water.
  4. Incorrect conditions of the dog. The immunity of the animal is influenced by the correct selection of the diet, the conditions of detention in the apartment.
  5. Contacts with infected animals. During walks, communication with other animal dogs is necessary. But the selection of the company for the pet should be approached with all responsibility. Contacts with dogs that are not vaccinated or sick are quite dangerous. In addition, it is extremely difficult to communicate with a stray dog.
  6. Insects-parasites and helminths weaken the immunity of the dog, therefore indirectly can cause a cold.
  7. Lack of physical activity. The sedentary lifestyle of the animal makes it susceptible to all sorts of infections.
  8. Heart pathologies, allergies, neoplasms in the respiratory tract and lungs, all these diseases can become the root cause of the development of a virus that has entered the body of a dog. An animal with a weakened disease organism will probably catch a cold fairly quickly.

Can dog gets cold from human

An unequivocal answer to the question, whether a dog can catch a cold from a person, is currently not available. Until recently, veterinarians unequivocally denied this possibility, claiming. That human and dog viruses are completely different. However, viruses mutate, adapting to new conditions.

Recent medical experiments in the United States have confirmed the possibility of transmitting H1N1 influenza from humans to animals. There are facts of infection with the flu of cats and dogs. Such cases are unique all over the world, but doctors do not exclude the possibility of infection of the dog from a sick host or another person. Especially in the case if the health of the pet is weak. Therefore, if the owner is sick with a viral disease, all precautions should be followed so as not to infect his pet.

How dangerous is cold in dogs

cold in dogs

Many owners do not attach importance to the mild discomfort of the dog, considering the manifestations of the common cold are not serious enough symptoms and believe that the pet will cope with the disease on his own. However, in the body of the dog, inflammatory processes begin that spread throughout the body of the animal.

If the dog does not receive treatment on time, it is possible that vital organs are damaged. cold can give complications in the form of inflammation of the lungs, kidney failure, connective tissue disease, heart disease.
Frequently sick with colds, the animal has low immunity, which becomes even weaker against the background of constant inflammatory processes. As a result, even a small virus can lead to the death of the dog.

Sign and symptoms of cold in dogs

Continuous monitoring of the condition of the pet and the adoption of timely measures for treatment can prevent complications during illness. It is important to pay attention to the following features:

sick dog
  1. A hot or dry nose may indicate that the dog has a cold.
  2. Loss of appetite in dog.
  3. Inflamed lymph nodes.
  4. Shortness of breath during physical exertion, intermittent breathing.
  5. Increased in thirst of dog.
  6. Restless behavior and difficulty in sleep.
  7. Discharge from the nose.
  8. Coughing and sneezing.
  9. A hoarse barking.
  10. Feverish states and tremor.

Even one of these symptoms should make the host think about its causes. You should not hesitate to visit a veterinarian, as in some cases the disease can develop at a lightning speed and kill the animal in just one day.

Diagnosis of the cold in dog

diagnosis of cancer in dog

The correct diagnosis of the disease can be made only by a veterinarian since some symptoms of different diseases are similar. Even such symptoms as coughing and discharge from the nose do not always indicate that the dog has caught a cold. This can be a manifestation of allergic reactions and requires specific treatment. Therefore, without fail it is necessary to turn to professionals. The veterinarian conducted a survey of the owner of the animal and will examine the dog.

The doctor will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis:

  1. Listening to internal organs.
  2. Blood test: C-reactive protein.
  3. Analysis of urine.

Treatment of colds in dogs

After the diagnosis, the dog is given the appropriate treatment. You cannot use self-prescribed funds and treat the dog with drugs intended for humans. There are many antibiotic, antiviral and antipyretics drugs specially for dogs. The vet prescribes specific drug depending on the condition of the animal.

The dose of drugs is prescribed by a doctor and depends on the weight of the dog. If the drugs do not have the proper effect and the animal’s condition worsens, you need to contact the veterinarian again. In neglected cases, you will have to put the dog in the hospital to prescribe a dropper.

Home treatment of dog

How To Stop Your Dog From Snoring sleeping sick dog

Treatment of a cold in a dog is carried out at home, where in addition to taking prescribed medications, the following measures should be taken:

  1. Ensuring complete peace of mind with proper diet. The food should be high in vitamins. If the dog refuses to eat. You can give her meat broth instead of water.
  2. The room in which the animal is located must be warm, without drafts.
  3. The bed should be warmed with the woolen material. If the dog has a cold, you need to put next to her a hot water bottle or a bottle of warm water. To warm an animal it is possible by means of massage, dispersing a blood.
  4. With a wet sponge, you need to wipe your nose to release it from the discharge.
  5. Walking should be as short as possible. That during walks the dog is not supercooled, it should be taken out in protective clothing.
  6. During the period of illness, the dog should not be bathed. If the dog has recovered from a cold, the first bathing can be done only after the onset of the warm season.

If the dog stays outside the house in the doghouse, during the illness it must necessarily be transferred to the house.

Prevention of cold in dogs

Hypothermia and frostbite in dogs

The main preventive measure of colds in a dog is to increase its immunity. Buying a small puppy, many owners neglect the requirements of tempering an animal, begin to wrap it up at the slightest cooling. In such conditions, the animal grows weak and will subsequently catch a cold. The effeminate organism is unable to resist infections, and the dog will suffer from every breath of the wind.

It is necessary to temper the dog gradually, increasing the time of walks in reasonable limits. Of course, you should not drive a puppy down the street in a frigid frost or under heavy rain. For dogs of decorative rocks, you must buy warm clothes, without them walking into the minus temperature, they are contraindicated.

Like a person, a dog in the period of the epidemic of catarrhal diseases will be saved from infection by vaccination. To make it is necessary in advance, that to the approach of colds at the pet the immunity to a virus had time to be generated.

The health of the pet is completely in the hands of its owner since the dog cannot help himself independently and completely depends on the person. It is necessary to closely monitor the manifestation of the first signs of a cold in a dog and take timely measures for treatment. It is also important to take a good care of dog in winter( Learn to keep your dog in winter).

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Can Dogs Get Colds? Signs, Symptoms And Home Remedies