11 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Here are the best dog breeds that are good with cats and stays along with them in the same house. This dogs breed include small, medium and large size dogs.

dog breeds that are good with cats
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It often happens that the owners of cats want to get a cute puppy. It happens that dog breeders want to bring a kitten into the family. And then there is a lot of questions: what breeds of dogs get along with cats, how to establish good-neighborly relations between animals, what to expect from a wayward pet and his less confident fellow.

According to experts, the ideal option can be called the simultaneous appearance in the house of residents of the family of felines and dogs. In this case, such an independent cat will not consider himself the superior of the situation and take the puppy as a guest. So, the cat and the dog get on well with each other from the very beginning.

If in the house where the cat is already present, lead a representative of the canine world, it begins to show its character and show offense. Resentment can be expressed in the absence of appetite, interest in life and games, even escape from home. If the owner has studied the breeds of dogs that get along with the cats and decided to take one of them, then he should not introduce his pets and future neighbors to the apartment on the first day. A newly arrived family member should settle in the new territory and study the smells, including the smell of the cat living here. On the second day, a personal acquaintance through a barely open door is possible. The reaction of both residents is very important, so do not neglect the first bells, symbolizing panic, fear or aggression. In principle, dogs get along fine with cats. But the master has to behave correctly.

Within a month of dating puppies with cats, there is an adaptation of one animal to another. Therefore, family members should organize joint leisure time for animals, pay equal attention to both the cat and the dog, and play with both our smaller brothers.

  1. If the dog comes to a representative of the cat’s world with a raised tail, this means that the dog is fairly confident in himself and wants to establish friendly contact with his future neighbor. If the cat responded with a raised tail, then it was the strongest friendship.
  2. If the cat approaches a firm gait with a raised tail and muzzle, then it is clearly interested in good neighborly relations.
  3. There are such breeds of dogs that do not get along with cats, but on the contrary are afraid of them and are allowed to run away at the sight of a representative of the cat family. Another option is possible: the dog can respond to a friendly attitude of the dog with aggression because of the strongest fear, panic, possibly the dislike of one animal to another.

Dogs breeds that are good with cats

Dogs that get along with cats. Who are they, these valiant and brave warriors? Let’s look at the list of the most popular canine breeds that get along fine with cats.

1. Beagle

Beagle dog
Source: noproblemnews.blogspot.com

This small dog with an excellent nose was brought out especially for hunting purposes, but it is surprisingly well with the representatives of the feline. Beagle, like other dogs, will drive cats in the yard but will give a lot of caress and love to the cat, sharing with him the living space. Perhaps this breed will not suit everyone. He is a faithful watchman, but he easily makes friends, which is not very good for security activities. Beagles are not easy to learn, and also differ in their love for vocals: they do not bark much, but, as a rule, they howl. A lot of.

2. Boxer and German boxer


Most dogs of this large breed are very playful and they will be approached by a neighborhood with a rather tough feline character for games. He would rather fight the cat, not wanting to hurt him. In addition, the boxer will serve as an excellent watchman, he is quite obedient and gives in to training.

Playfulness, inexhaustible energy, liveliness, this is what distinguishes a German boxer from other breeds. Good-neighborly relations between the representative of this dog and cats are quite possible until the cat shows its cocky and quarrelsome character. In this case, if the German boxers do not say that they get along with the “neighbor”, then at least ignore him and do not engage in squabbles.

3. Bichon Frize

bichon dog
Source: dogtime.com

Representatives of this breed are often cheerful and domestic cat perceives as a friend. However, in the neighborhood of a very affectionate cat, he can sometimes be too happy. Many sources recommend this breed as a dog for the family, but it can be too much for the owner. This is a small dog with a white coat, in need of regular care after her, washing, combing and cutting. They will not bark a lot at familiar visitors, and also give in to training.

4. Golden retriever

Golden Retriever dog

This is probably one of the best options for the company for the child, in addition, these dogs are distinguished by tolerance to most pets. Retriever probably will not suppress the cat in the house, because it will treat him as a member of the family, especially if he got into the house as a puppy. Retrievers cannot be called good guard dogs. However, they are one of the most obedient dogs, ready to execute commands sometimes to exhaustion. This dog is good for family, children, and cats of all sizes and ages.

5. Maltese

maltese dog
Source: dogtime.com

This is the smallest dog that gets along well with cats. Maltese are idlers who can lie on the couch and ignore what is happening around, including the presence of a cat. These dogs do not so much cherish the love of cats as they are able to negotiate with them. Maltese prefer to spend time on the hands of the owner, not caring about more. This dog will work even if there is an old cat in the house that prefers privacy.

6. Pug

pug dog
Source: medium.com

The ease of adaptation and friendly character will help this little pet to win the trust of an independent and strict cat. It is enough to pay attention to both pets in full, and then family members will be tenderly watching how two pets get along with each other.

7. Newfoundland

newfoundland dog
source: wideopenpets.com

Despite the huge size, this pet is famous for its excessive tenderness and friendliness. Of course, very few people will agree to keep such a dog in the apartment. But the suburban area will be an excellent home for representatives of the cat and dog worlds.

8. Shih Tzu

shih tzu breed
Source: dogtime.com

Do you still wonder which dogs get along with cats? Believe me, Shih Tzu is an ideal dog that can pick up a key to the heart of a rebellious and independent cat. Her calmness, devotion and easy adaptation will help to establish contact with cats. However, the owner should know that the representatives of this breed can afford some pranks, so it’s worth doing regular, infrequent workouts. In principle, this breed requires the attention of an experienced trainer. And then in a few sessions, Shi-Tzu will understand much more quickly what the host wants from her.

9. Basset Hound

basset hound dog
Source: mentalfloss.com

The smoothness of the relationship between the basset hound and the cat is established due to the famous laziness of the dog. He simply does not want to bully or offend his feline brother, so the owner should not worry about the ongoing wars between animals.

10. Labrador Retriever

labrador dog
source: petpaw.com

What can you say about this breed? Everything is simple to disgrace! Not only does the dog not require complex care, and the establishment of friendly and good-neighborly relations with felines is in priority in the animals presented.

11. Papillon

The Papillon
Source: dogtime.com

Do you know what breeds of dogs are not just good, but get along well with independent cats? Papillon are among such pets. Easy to adapt to a new home and neighbors allow the “kids” to make friends with animals already living here.

If there is peace between the animals, they will look after each other. For example, a cat will observe the dog’s behavior from a hill. After studying their new friend, pets can share for two one bed, eat from a common bowl, play together. Or it’s cold to treat each other, avoid meeting.

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11 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats