12 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Here are the most friendliest cat breeds for your lovely small family. This cat breeds in the list is the most loving cats and perfect for the first-time owners.

Friendliest Cat Breeds
Source: vetstreet.com

You plan to have a cat, but do not know which breed to choose? We will share with you a list of the friendliest breeds of cats.

Going to get a cat, people are often interested in how much her character will be friendly. To determine the inclinations of a kitten with some probability is possible even at an early age, but it is equally important to know what breed the kitten belongs to. After all, some cats by nature have a friendlier character than representatives of other breeds. Knowing these breeds is very important for those who have small children. Therefore, the article will consider the most friendly, playful and perfect (both in relation to people in general and in relation to children in particular) breeds of cats.

Friendliest cat breeds

Each cat has special character traits that go beyond the standards that are characteristic of the breed. But if you decide to start a pet that will become your friend, check out this list of the friendliest breeds of cats.

1. Exotic shorthair cat

Exotic shorthair cat
Source: vetstreet.com

Do you want a cat that will lie quietly and warm your knees on long winter evenings? Exotic shorthair cat will happily take care of this. This breed is famous for its affection for the owners. Cats go for the person in circles and are happy to accept affection when the chance falls.

These animals are wary of everything that shows too much activity. Therefore, it often takes some time for the exotic shorthair cat to become accustomed to children and guests in the house who are trying to cuddle it.

2. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat

Unlike exotic shorthair, Abyssinian cats are very active. They are very smart and playful. And it does not matter who the company is in the game, they equally quickly find the language with people of different ages, family members, and even strangers.

These qualities make the Abyssinian cat a good choice for parents who want to have a pet for the joy of their children.

3. Persian cat

Persian cat
Source: vetstreet.com

Persian cats are very tender as if born for affection. They very quickly become attached to the owner, but they also cool down as quickly if he treats them roughly.

Persian cats do not like noise, but still, they like to be in the center of attention of others.

4. Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat

Russian blue cats are real aristocrats. Gracefulness and intelligence allowed them to become one of the most popular breeds in the world.

These cats love to play and be a part of everything the master does, and even share a bed with him. It is worth the cat of this breed to feel your warm attitude to it, and it will not depart from you a single step. By nature, Russian blue cats are very cautious and do not rush to become objects of attention at “social events” in the house. But they need to get used to the situation, and they go out and happily accept the caresses of others.

5. Burmese cat

burmese cats
Source: cattime.com

Burmese cat, like no other, depends on the attention of others and quickly receives it thanks to its charm. Cats of this breed are grateful listeners: they can lie on your knees for hours on end and calmly listen to everything that you tell them.

Their dependence on attention is so great that they are ready to accept it absolutely from everyone who will only offer (even from other pets). For this reason, experts strongly recommend the establishment of another animal to make it a Burmese cat, if the owner does not stay at home for a long time.

6. Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Siamese cats are very reminiscent of Burmese characters (they also crave communication), but they also have a distinctive feature – increased curiosity. Siamese cats not only require the attention of the owner but also want to be a part of everything that he does. They are happy to share cares about the house, eating and watching television programs.

Due to the wide range of interests, these cats easily find a common language with others and often their behavior resemble dogs. By the way, cats of this breed often walk on a leash.

7. Somali cat

Somali cat

Somali cats are very active. They love to play and do it with everyone who shows interest. A high level of energy and attention makes this breed ideal for training.

Although Somali cats love attention from others, they are not happy to receive it from other pets. Ideal conditions for this cat – when she is the only animal in the house and all the attention goes to her alone.

8. Ragdoll

ragdoll cats
Source: caattime.com

Ragdoll means “rag doll”. This name was given to the breed because its representatives tend to relax to the state of a rag doll when it accepts any poses that you will choose for it. In this condition, the cat can be ironed, squeezed, and it will not resist.

These cats are strongly attached to the owner, do not tolerate loneliness and are smart enough to understand intonation and accustom to the toilet.

9. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

These are very energetic and active short-haired cats. They also have a mind and develop friendliness. If you need not just a friendly, but also a mobile cat, then the Devon Rex is just what you need. However, vigor and mobility do not mean that these cats do not want to sit on their laps and caress: they will appreciate all this in full measure, not worse than other cats, just in the intervals between caresses they still love and play pranks. They like climbing to the height, and they like to jump from it to people on their shoulders. They are able to build friendly relations with other animals and children, even if they are not always careful in their treatment of them.

10. Maine cat

maine cat

These cats do not have a tail, but on this occasion, they do not have complexes. They are very sociable, intelligent and observant. They like to take part in all the activities that take place at home. Love to play and new toys. These cats need a company and especially appreciate those who pay attention to them.

11. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat

Maine Coons are happy to spend time with everyone who offers, no matter whether it’s a human being or an animal.
These cats easily move from the state of playfulness to complete relaxation and enjoyment of the owner’s caresses. They are excellent companions in travel and very easily get used to the leash.

12. The Sphinx

The Sphinx cat

These courageous cats are ready to flirt with everyone, just to get affection and attention. This makes them one of the friendliest breeds.

Sphynxes do not like to spend time alone, so they tend to “help” the master in everything he does. Hungry to love, the cats of this breed are famous for their silly acts, committed only in order to get the attention and caress of their master.

Also, it is worth to get acquainted with the kittens after visiting the breeder’s house and looking at their behavior before surprising your kids. Some of the kittens will be more sociable than others, while others will prefer to sit on the sidelines. Pay attention also to who of them comes to you himself, who is indifferent, and who generally escapes. Please note that as a rule, this cat is chosen by people, not by cats.

And no matter how much you want to please your child with a pet, do not go to the extreme and do not let the kittens sleep with young children (under five) or infants.

It is advisable that the kitten stays with the mother until the age of 12 weeks. Of course, kittens of a small age are very nice, but they need not only to eat mother’s milk, but also to learn behavioral patterns from their parent, siblings, and if they miss this important stage, their behavior may have problems that are never then can be fixed. Therefore, it is better to wait until they are at least three months old.

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12 Friendliest Cat Breeds