How to get a Sick Cat to Eat Food

Find the best way to get a sick cat to eat food. Learn to feed your old or sick cat with a syringe and other methods and maintain a proper nutritional diet.

how to get a sick cat to eat food

If your cat stops eating then there might be some serious problem. Your lovely cat refuses to eat when she is sick or having some other problem related to her health. You have to take special care of sick cat as they are weak and should be given special diet to her.

The nutrition of the cat plays a special role in maintaining its health and good appearance. However, it plays an even greater role when the cat has any health problems. In such time of her life, the owner should pay special attention to how and what his cat eats, and whether it has enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins. He must also take into account that during the period of illness, after the operation or during the recovery period, the cat needs better and often more abundant food than usual.

Special diet for a sick cat

feeding a cat diet for diarrhea

Nowadays in the market of pet products, you can find a huge number of different ready-made feeds, which were specially designed in such a way as to help cats in the treatment of a disease or a group of diseases. There are among them and those that should be given to those cats who, in a state of stress or refuse to eat.

Get a sick cat to eat food

This type of food is specially produced in liquid form. It is necessary that a cat that refuses to eat be fed with a syringe or that it can lap food like water. In addition, such food should be very tasty, which can make a cat at least a little to eat. It should be noted that for the cat who does not eat, as a rule, it is more likely to feed something liquid, just patting it from the saucer, than it will gnaw something hard. This circumstance, just in case, should be remembered by all those who hold cats. Such foods, among other things, are distinguished by increased calorie content.

Take an expert advice before starting

In view of this, even a small amount of such food will be enough for the affected cat to be provided with all the most important nutrients. However, this does not mean that the owner who saw that his cat is unwell can just run to the nearest pet store, grab the packing of such food there and feed it to his pet thinking that it will solve all the problems. This, of course, is an incorrect campaign and in the beginning, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian and, if the veterinarian finds it necessary, bring the cat for inspection. And only after the veterinarian “gives the go-ahead” for the use of such food, it makes sense to buy it. In this case, the doctor must specify how much such a feed should be eaten by a sick cat.

Typically, the daily dose of feed is divided into five or six servings of small size. And so that readers can get a more accurate idea of how to care for a sick cat, we will give a series of recommendations.

Nutrition for the sick cat

overweight in cats

First, to ensure that the cat does not lack nutrients, the owner will have to have patience, time and some ingenuity. He, too, should remember that:

  1. Food should be heated to about the body temperature of the cat (this is approximately 38.5 degrees), which will make it more fragrant.
  2. If within fifteen minutes the cat has not eaten its food, then its (food) can be removed. After a while, the animal can be fed again, and it will rather give preference to fresh products than stagnant on a plate.
  3. Sometimes it makes sense to put small pieces of food on the lips.
  4. Liquid food, cats eat more readily than solid, especially if the cat is sick.
  5. If the cat does not want to get up and go to the bowl with food, it should be fed from her hand.

Feeding a cat with a syringe

You can feed the cat with a syringe, if necessary or guided by the veterinarian.

Syringe Feeding cat
  1. Consult a veterinarian and ask him to give you a syringe of the size that he thinks fit. Usually, it is a syringe with a volume of two milliliters.
  2. Cut off the tip of the syringe.
  3. Pull the plunger out of the syringe and lower its trimmed part into the feed so that the tube is filled with food.
  4. Bring it to the nose of the cat so that it smells food. As soon as the four-legged patient slightly opens his mouth, you should gently push the piston out by pushing the food into the tongue. If the cat itself does not open the mouth, you must do it yourself.

Forced feeding of a cat

If the cat refuses to eat, it should be fed by force if your vet said. Below we list the most common methods of forced feeding:

  1. Take a small piece of food and put it on the root of the cat’s tongue. Then close the cat’s mouth and rub it on the throat with accurate and careful movements. This will stimulate and facilitate the cat swallowing. I must say that this is how the cats are fed both tablets and capsules. But if it comes to them, it will be easier not to do it by hand, but using some special equipment given by your vet.
  2. Liquid food should be poured into the cat’s mouth with a cut-off syringe. However, it should be remembered that forced feeding can cause a cat a stressful condition. If this happens, then it will have to be fed through a special tube, which will deliver food directly into the digestive system.

Don’t wait too long to make an appointment with your vet if your cat stops eating. This will affect the health of cat because of poor nutrition and more you delay the weaker she gets. So it is best to consult a vet as soon as possible.

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How to get a Sick Cat to Eat Food