How to get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

Find the best way to get rid of cat pee smell with different home remedies and professional products. Learn why cats urine has a strong odor and ways to remove it from the different surface.

get rid of cat pee smell

If your favorite pet is very fond of tagging in an apartment, car or at any things like sofa, armchairs, shoes, carpet, after which there are not only stains but also an unpleasant smell of urine, then this article is especially for you.

We will tell you how to get rid of the smell of cat urine at home.

Unpleasant odor of cat pee

Unpleasant smell from the cat’s mark appears for one main reason is the composition of urine:

  1. Urochrome is that which stains urine
  2. Urea is what makes the urine sticky (after drying)
  3. Urine acid is what helps the cat’s urine quickly crystallize. These “crystals” do not dissolve in water, making urine difficult to excrete.

When you carefully try to wash (wash) the stains and destroy the smell of urine, you get rid of only the first components of the in the list. That’s why, after a while, the smell reappears.

The intensity of the smell depends not only on the presence of uric acid in the urine but also on what surface the “mark” is on. From those surfaces that absorb moisture well, the smell of urine is very difficult to remove.

How to get rid of cat pee smell

tools to remove smell

Remove the smell of urine or feces is not so simple, however, there are some effective remedies. These agents include strong oxidants and the following:

  1. Manganese (weak solution), which has a deodorizing effect. When using it, consider the fact that it can dye the surface (first, test on an inconspicuous part of the tissue).
  2. Vinegar, diluted in water, perfectly copes with the smell and does not spoil the surface of the material.
  3. Freshly squeezed lemon juice effectively removes the pungent smell.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide (sold in the pharmacy), it is not recommended to use it on lacquer surfaces.
  5. Iodine solution, which is obtained by diluting 10 drops of iodine per 1-liter water.
  6. Soda is an excellent remedy for cat’s smell. Soda should not be used on glossy surfaces, as it is an abrasive.
  7. Household soap is a universal remedy.
  8. Vodka, as a remedy for stains and odor, is not particularly effective, but its main role, in this case, is to create an unpleasant odor for the cat. There are substances in vodka that the cat does not like very much, so you will not have to worry that he will want to leave his “trace” here again.

Professional product for removing the smell of cat urine

Professional remedies to get rid of cat pee smell using products available in the market. You can use various products with different mixtures of chemical to remove the odor of urine from different types of substance. This is available in spray form or in the form of a certain concentration.

What you cannot use

It is not recommended to use chlorine-containing products to clean the cat’s urine (chlorine badly disappears in the apartment). This can damage the surface being treated and adversely affect the health of you and the animal.

To get rid of fresh feline spots you can use the above means. If the stain is old, then you have to do this with different tools and mixtures.

There are also situations when the smell is eaten so much that the only liquidator that can deal with it is professional dry cleaning.

And it is better not to allow such situations and to accustom the kitten to the tray.

Remove stains and smell on different surfaces

cat pee smell

When removing stains, do not forget about caution, check the surface with the label for the reaction with the agent used.

  1. Stains and an unpleasant smell from cat urine from the sofa (furniture) are best deduced with the help of potassium permanganate (if the fabric is not dyed), lemon juice or vinegar solution.
  2. To get rid of the unpleasant smell on linoleum, laminate or parquet (floor), all the same means will do:
    1. Vinegar, diluted in water in equal proportions. Wipe the floor with a solution in such a way that its surface remains wet. After a few hours, just wipe it dry.
      1. Lemon juice, obtained from fresh fruit, use the same as vinegar.
    2. In order to repel an unpleasant smell on the mattress, you will need salt, carbonated water and boric acid. Fill the stain with soda (boric acid), sprinkle the flood with salt on top and leave for several hours. Then remove salt and rinse with water. If you use boric acid, then dilute it with water.
    3. It is a bit more difficult to remove the smell of shoes. If you see a cat’s “crime”, then the probability of rescuing the shoes will be much higher. So, if you notice a “fresh puddle” in your shoes, then immediately put a towel (newspaper) in it to soak up the moisture. After that, wash the shoe in water using a laundry soap.
    4. If you do not have time on time, noticing the “label” is not right away, then eliminating the smell becomes more difficult. You will have to wash the shoes several times with laundry soap, then wipe it with a solution of vinegar and dry it. Repeat the procedure until the odor is completely eliminated. If the shoes from the fabric (sneakers, sneakers), then it will be enough to wash them.

      Nothing helps, Get the liquidator of the smell of urine (spray, liquid) in the pet store and wash the shoes with this remedy.

    5. With stains and smell on the carpet or wood floor it will be easier to cope if you notice a “fresh mark”. Use for cleaning vinegar, lemon juice or laundry soap, just do not forget to soak up the moisture with a towel (napkin). If the stain is old, then make a solution of vinegar (1/1), pour into place, top with a soda and scrub carefully.
    6. If the cat left you a mark on the clothes, then just wash the clothes and rinse in the vinegar solution (per liter of water 1 tablespoon).

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How to get Rid of Cat Pee Smell