How To Get Rid Of Cat Hair In House

Find the best way to get rid of cat hair in house or on your clothes. Here are best methods to clean the cat hair from your apartment and reason for offseason molt.

get rid of cat hair in house

If you have a cat in the house, then the presence of cat hair is inevitable. Our lovely fluffy creatures molt and from this, you cannot escape.

Especially a lot of hair falls during molting season in cats in spring and autumn, when they change their seasonal coat for the right time of the year, by summer animals drop their winter clothes, and by winter they are warmed. Also, molting season depends on the type of cat breeds, as some breed shades less as compare to other.

And the owners of cats of longhaired and furry breeds the problem of cat hair in the house and on clothes is constantly pursued.

Find out the cause of molting

Before deciding how to get rid of the cat’s hair in the house, try to understand the reason for the appearance of this hair.

Seasonal molt in animals occurs twice a year, and then not in all breeds. If your pet is abundantly sprinkled with hair all surfaces, regardless of the season, it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.

A strong loss of hair is often a symptom of a cat’s disease. Moreover, the disease can be not only the skin but also internal.

But do not get scared. It is possible that the matter is simply in the wrong feeding and lack of essential nutrition of the beast. Correction of the diet and proper selection of feed will help to solve the problem, but only after consulting with the veterinarian.

Get rid of cat hair in house

To get rid of cat hair in the house you can use many cleaning and hacks discussed in this article, but you have to take proper care of your cat’s hygiene and nutrition. Cat as a furry animal will molt, but if the molt is off seasonal you should consult a veterinarian without wasting time.

Regular wet cleaning of house

Regular wet cleaning of the apartment. You have to get used to this, otherwise, the whole house will be filled with cat hair, hammering into corners and cracks, and the furniture will be covered with a wool cover of Persian, Angora or Turkish origin.

In addition, the microparticles of fallen hair are filled with air in the apartment we breathe. This can cause allergies and asthma attacks, as well as any accumulated dust in the house. And in the event that the animal has molting due to a fungus, then it is possible to get infected with mycosis.

Daily wet cleaning is necessary and for the reason that the smallest hairs, at first glance invisible to us, flying around the apartment from a draft can get us into the food.

When wet cleaning the apartment do not leave unattended secluded places under furniture and in the corners. Otherwise, in time, they will become a storehouse for wool and fluff.

Use a vacuum cleaner

cat hair

Before you fight wool in the apartment with a wet cleaning, walk around the house with a vacuum cleaner. To collect pile from carpets and upholstered furniture will help a turbo brush. From the floor, the wool will also be cleaned with an ordinary nozzle. After the treatment with a vacuum cleaner, it will be much more convenient to wash the surface – the wool will not stretch behind the rag.

Attention! Do not vacuum the cat. These animals very rarely quietly perceive the vacuum cleaner, as they are afraid and try to escape. You will not get rid of wool, but get a couple of scratches.

Cat hair from the carpet is easily cleaned with the help of regular vacuum cleaner. But it will be much more effective if you get a special nozzle for your vacuum cleaner, a turbo brush, inside of which there is a roller with bristles. Here this roller and winds the hairs on itself, which could not suck the vacuum cleaner.
But there is special vacuum cleaner which is designed for this purpose only.

Humidifier to clean cats hair

Most often, the abundance of wool affects residents of apartments with dry electrified air. Buy the most simple humidifier, or at least daily go through the rooms with a spray gun, watering the space with clean water. By the way, you can add any liquid antistatic to the water.

Rollers and Scotch tape

Quickly clean the upholstered furniture and home textiles from the hairs of animals will help sticky rollers. They are easy to find in any hardware store. You can choose a roller with a rubber roller, or with an adhesive nozzle. In the latter case, do not forget to wipe the treated surface with a damp cloth to remove the glue particles from it. Otherwise, the wool will adhere to them with a vengeance.

Tip: instead of a special roller, you can take a strip of regular scotch and attach it to the textile with a sticky side. He will collect all the shreds.

Remove cat hair from furniture

cat hair

Cat hair from the furniture is recommended to clean up with a special roller with a sticky coating or with the help of an adhesive tape. But in the first case this is not very effective, and in the second case, it is too laborious. There is also progress in this direction. A sticky roller for cleaning the room and furniture.

You can get roller easily from any online store, there is a great number of sponges and rags, which will easily help to cope with the work of collecting wool. Just do not forget to moisten them. After that, walk around with a vacuum cleaner with a furniture attachment on the surface, which will collect the remains of the wool. Do not forget about the cracks and corners in the furniture.

Remove cat hair from cloths

Cat hair from clothes is easily collected by a wet palm. Also, you will be helped by special clothing brushes and sticky rollers. By the way, so that the wool does not stick to clothes, use an antistatic.

Care for cat to get rid of hair

brush a cat

To avoid excessive house in the apartment, do not be lazy to regularly comb out the cat. Thus, you will significantly reduce the scatter of hair around the house. Let the hair stay better on the comb than on any other things and cats like combing too. After combing, walk along the body of the animal with a moist palm to remove the remnants of the wool.

In pet stores are you will find combs for cats for all occasions: brushes, pouches, metal combs, universal brush-fleet. Even appeared angular brushes for cats, when a cat can clean itself out. But do not forget to consult the seller to choose a brush by the type of wool your pet. It is important.

It is also important to feed your cat nutritional rich food. If you are feeding your cat natural food take a note of her daily minerals and vitamins coming from food, don’t just stick to one type of feed. You should include beef, vegetable, animal protein and if necessary some vitamins and minerals additive after consulting the vet. If you are feeding your cat dry food or packaged food, don’t buy the cheap one for your cat, as they don’t do any good to the cat’s health rather harm her. So, always give good premium food for your cat, if you don’t know one, it is better to consult an expert before experimenting with your cat.

If you notice that your pet sheds out of season, or hair loss is too intense, you should contact the veterinarian to determine the cause of hair loss in the cat. It is possible that the matter is only on the wrong diet or lack of vitamins. In this case, you just need to adjust the diet. But it is possible that excessive molting of a cat is a fungal skin disease, which can be dangerous for you.

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How To Get Rid Of Cat Hair In House