How to Get Rid of Ear Mites in the Cats

Find the smartest way to get rid of ear mites in the cats with different medicine and home remedies. Learn about the symptoms and treatment of ear mites in the cats or kittens.

Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats

The cat became restless, constantly scratches ears and shakes her head? Did she have a fever? The auricles from the inside are covered with scratches, wounded and exude an unpleasant smell? They accumulated a lot of brown wax and there is a discharge similar to pus? The reason for the torture of a pet is ticked that feed on the epidermis and cause irritation. You should immediately consult a doctor and treat the animal.

One of the most common diseases in cats is the ear mite. It is a mistake to believe that domestic cats cannot catch them, the probability, though not very large, is still there. Causes of the appearance: mainly infection with an ear mite occurs through contact with a sick animal, or with contaminated objects bedding, hygiene items, utensils. The photo shows the damaged ear of the cat. Ear mites can lead to an acute disease Odeotectosis, which is also called ear scabies. Most often this disease affects young animals aged one and a half months to a year, but adult animals are also at risk.

Ear mite in cats parasitizes in the outer part of the ear, the auricle, the tympanic membrane and the external auditory canal. This insect has a yellowish oval body and long limbs, but its dimensions are very small (from 0.2 to 0.7 mm), so it’s hard to notice with an unaided eye, even if one knows how the ear mite looks.

Symptoms of ear mites

symptoms of ear mites

Symptoms of ear mite in the cat are quite simple to calculate, the animal loses peace, constantly shakes its head and scratches its ears with paws or rubs against objects. This cat does harm to himself, causing additional damage and scratches to the already sick ear, and this does not help get rid of the ear mite. As a result, only the inflammatory process begins, accompanied by the release of a dark brown liquid and unpleasant odors. The liquid subsequently dries up and forms crusts that cover the auditory canal, so a partial loss of hearing is also a symptom.

In addition, the general behavior of the cat changes, it becomes restless, it can constantly tilt the head towards the damaged ear, possibly even an increase in body temperature. But in any case, even if all the signs of an ear mite are manifested, do not put the diagnosis yourself, as only a qualified veterinarian can say after the examination because similar symptoms can accompany other diseases. Ear mite on the photo looks just like an irritation and a crust, therefore it is possible to confirm its presence only after a detailed analysis of the skin from the inside of the auricle.

The first step: going to the hospital

ear Mites in Cats

To get rid of ear mites in the cat your first step should be to visit to the veterinarian. The doctor should examine the auricles and auditory canals of the animal to make a diagnosis. Symptoms of infection with mites at the initial stage are similar to otitis, so the host can choose the wrong treatment tactics, which will only worsen the situation.

To consider parasites at home is difficult, they are small enough and prefer to hide in the ear discharge. The vet takes a scraping and examines it under a microscope. The procedure is carried out quickly and gives a 100% diagnosis, on the basis of which treatment is prescribed.

Usually, therapy consists of several stages:

  1. Purification of the auricle from crusts and wax.
  2. Destruction of parasites with insecticide drops.
  3. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs that remove and itch.
  4. Strengthening of feline immunity.

On average, the treatment takes from 14 to 21 days, because you need to destroy both adults and eggs. If you follow all the recommendations, the cat will feel better after the first or second procedure, the ears will quickly heal, and it ceases to itch.

Hygienic procedures

It will take a stable table, which will accommodate a sick animal, a towel to lay under the caudate patient, and directly the medicine. To wash out ear conchs advise chlorhexidine, special lotions or peroxide. The latter, contrary to some fears, is completely harmless to the animal. Veterinary pharmacies also sell drops intended for the care of the ears.

A more natural and safe option is green tea. Brew 15 grams of dried leaves 200 ml of boiling water, do not use sachets and flavored versions with various additives. Infuse before cooling down. No sugar, honey or other sweeteners.

Step-by-step guide to get rid of ear mites in the cat

treatment for ear mites in cats

Tailed victim to be wrapped in a diaper so that the hands and nerves of the master remain unharmed. Some owners neglect to swaddle and invite the cat to hold friends or relatives, but the animal seldom quietly sits on the place while the liquid is poured into his ear.

Be sure to stock cotton wheels before the procedure. No chopsticks, because they easily damage the auricle or tympanic membrane. It is necessary to work quickly and accurately, tail patients are not distinguished by patience and perseverance:

  1. Put the cat wrapped in a diaper on its side, beforehand, taking a little of the washing liquid into the pipette.
  2. You can moisten in tea or peroxide water, and then squeeze it into the auricle.
  3. The liquid should slightly moisten the affected organ.
  4. The top of the ear is folded in half and rubbed with soft massage movements to gently separate the dirt and crusts from the skin.
  5. Put the cat on your stomach, allowing yourself to squeeze out the liquid. Blot the ear sink with a cotton swab, removing the remnants of dirt and mites.
  6. Wipe affected hearing organs, constantly changing napkins. You can gently pick up the dirt, accumulated on top, with a cotton swab, but it is preliminarily dipped in peroxide or other disinfectants.
  7. Wait until nothing remains in the ear, repeat the manipulation with the second.

In the first few days, hygienic procedures should be carried out 2-3 times a day to maximize the purification of the cat’s auditory organs.

Important: Crusts and other excretions, which the tailed pet will shake out of the ears, it is recommended to sweep or vacuum. In the mud remain mites that move to furniture and carpets, and then move back to the paws of the animal.

Drops for ear mites

ear mites in cat

There are many drops for ear mites in the market you can get one and use after consulting veterinarian. The composition of the drug has antibiotics, which destroy in the ears a secondary infection, brought by the cat when combing the wounds. The remedy is quite powerful, so it immediately kills mites and laid eggs.

There is the capsule that breaks down, and the contents are poured onto the withers of the animal and gently rubbed. It is better to protect your hands with rubber gloves.

Owners of cats who do not trust traditional medicine can try sunflower oil and garlic. Chop the seasoning chop, insist in a few spoons of the liquid component 2-3 days, and then dig in the ears once a day.

Preventive measures

The animal after the treatment is shown to the vet. If the mites are destroyed, it is advised to buy a drug made on the basis of selamectin. The substance is rubbed into the withers to kill worms, fleas and ticks.

At home, it is mandatory to carry out a general cleaning with floor disinfection, washing of carpets and cleaning of upholstered furniture. Prevent all animals that have come into contact with a sick cat with preventive drugs.
The cat should be protected from contact with stray animals, regularly bathe and clean its ears. Eating a fluffy family member should be balanced. It is recommended to strengthen the immunity of the pet with the help of tincture of Echinacea.

If the cat has the first symptoms of infection with ticks, you should immediately consult with the veterinarian. A quick and adequate treatment will relieve the problem in just a few weeks or a month and protect the tailed pet from unpleasant consequences.

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How to Get Rid of Ear Mites in the Cats