How to Groom a Long Haired Dog at Home

Find the best way to groom a long haired dog at home with scissors and clipper. Learn to take proper care of a dog with long hair and keep your dog in hygiene condition.

groom a long haired dog

The long haired dogs include the Old English Shepherd, better known as the Bobtail, setters, longhaired dachshunds, Lhasa Apso, etc.. To look after the long hair cover of these animals is a laborious task. Since the hair gets lot dirty, due to its length, it is much larger than that of smooth-haired pets, and more time is required for combing. Tools usually use a thick comb, which allows you to comb out not only dirt after a street walk but also dead hairs. During the molt, this procedure is better to be performed daily. To house less accumulated dust and dirt to scratch your animal during a walk. However, some dog breeders or owner comb the pet at home, collecting canine hair bundles. From this material can later get socks, mittens and even sweaters. The wool of these animals is considered warm and useful for the human body in a number of diseases, for example, radiculitis.

Groom a long haired dog at home

Here is the different method to groom the long hair dog and take proper care of their wool or coat.

groom long haired dog

Bath your dog

When bathing a canine with long hair, it really is a great idea to begin bathing your dog top to bottom level. Water can be put from the very best to underneath and your dog shampoo can be applied very much the same. The fingertips could be carefully utilized during shampooing to eliminate any dust that is swept up in between the hair. Make use of a shampoo, moisturizing, refresher following the wash. Dry out the head of hair utilizing a very soft and huge absorbent bath towel wrap this around your dog to absorb the excess water. Any dog will shake aside the water which will lift up in the long hair.

Drying the long hair

The dog’s frizzy hair could be permitted to dried out alone or a heat blower may be used. They could be possibly designed to are located near a heater or perhaps heat vent out of a machine to have the dry the water inside the long hair. Long haired canines would want at a minimum of several hours for the coats to be dry.


Within the brushing procedure, you are able to trim the hairs that grow on the toe-pads. Lengthy hair can pose an issue if they run and lead them to slip. Use special pup nail clippers to keep carefully the toenails from getting too much time and sharp.

Combing the long hair

brush a dog

Regular combing really helps to apparent tangles and stop matting, and in addition, invigorates your skin of your long-haired pet. Make use of a pin comb or a turning comb with the objective.

Ensure that you take away the collar or clothing prior to starting to brush your dog. Whereas a larger dog with long hair may be asked to lie down comfortably on a sizable towel, a smaller breed can certainly be positioned on your lap. Convert your dog about its back again, brush the locks in its upper body, armpits and beneath the hip and legs. The locks on the dog’s ears could be combed utilizing a pin wash. After that, you can brush the feathering on the tail, thighs, throat, thighs and leg and backside.

Part a good portion of the head of hair, hold it down with one hand and comb the others till it really is smooth and free from tangles. Do the same after parting and keeping down another section. A little quantity of moisturizing hair product could be used on each coating to soften it. This kind of will prevent breakage and keep maintaining the coating in good condition.

Tick Prevention in long haired dog

The flea/tick medicine is used along the backbone of the doggie which can be evenly distributed if the coating can be brushed. Cleaning the ear frequently prevents ear mites and problems of the ticks in the long haired dog. When washing your long hair dog’s the ears it is suggested that you utilize silk cotton balls drizzled with a remedy of witch hazel that happens to be softly swabbed within the headsets. Do not venture too deeply into the ear dog. Clean every nook and corner where in fact the ear-mites have a tendency to hide. The hair within the dog’s ear can be removed gently by making use of tweezers.


Brushing is carried out if you want to keep your pet looking forward to a dog show. Ahead of fluffing the hair, make sure that the hair doesn’t have any troubles. To filler up to the locks, brush via underneath to the very best and make use of a brush with smooth brush bristles with the objective. As soon as you comprehensive combing in the contrary direction, start yet again by brushing down from your toes, even while planning to withhold the fluffiness. Your long-haired family pet is currently fully groomed and prepared for a show.

Dog face hair

Use doggie grooming clippers to groom the long hair on the dog’s face. Operate the clippers on your own side to make sure that it does not really slice the skin area. Move the clipper lightly along the sides of the facial skin. Contain the muzzle gently even though doing this. For a short- locks groom themselves, utilize the clippers at a position. For a long-haired dog grooming, keep carefully the clippers level.

Learning how exactly to groom a pet can be a great encounter and allows you to bond even more together with your beloved family pet.

Additional information to care for long haired dog

tibetan terrier

About care for long-haired dogs, you can talk almost infinitely. Care for a long-haired dog If we are talking about pets, then, as a rule, they are shaved or sheared. The main care for such dogs: washing and combing. And combing is even more important than “water procedures”. To comb the long-haired dogs is necessary, at least, once a week, otherwise, the wool will turn into solid Koltun. If we are talking about an exhibition copy, then these dogs have to comb at least once every 2 days. And you have to use balms, funds from the formation of coils, antistatic, oils, etc. Each owner accumulates his own arsenal to care for the pet.

Long-haired dogs differ from each other in the type of wool. Long wool can be silky (Yorkshire Terrier, Terrier, etc.) or more stiff (for example, Shih Tzu, American Cocker Spaniel). American Cocker Spaniel, the owner of a more rigid hair than the Yorkshire Terrier Even more rigid hair can boast of English cocker spaniel. And the English cocker spaniels, in turn, also have different types of wool, which depend on the color: white wool is more rigid, chocolate is softer, and black is stiffer than pale. As a result, one dog can have up to three different types of wool. Even more stiff long hair, from the Tibetan terrier. His hair, of course, is not yet horse, but very different from wool, for example, cocker spaniels.

Pets (and in 90% of cases they sport a haircut) should be washed about once a month. Exhibition dogs are washed at least once a week, and every time the whole complex of care products is used and the procedure is carried out as if you are going to the ring tomorrow. Of course, exhibition cosmetics are not used, because it is very different from the means for daily hair care. Exhibition cosmetics is more severe impact, but the duration is short: today tomorrow. The task of everyday cosmetics is to maintain the wool in a healthy state between the exhibitions: moisturize, nourish, preserve.

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How to Groom a Long Haired Dog at Home