How To Often Should Your Bathe You Dog

Learn how often should you bathe your dog and keep him clean without harming the health of the pet. If you regularly bathe your dog then you should find out when bathing is necessary for the pet dogs.

How To Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

Care for pets is one of the duties of the owners. Owners of dogs should not only feed and walk their pets but also periodically bathe them. The dogs, especially street ones, an unpleasant smell emanates from the skin and wool of animals. Bathing is the easiest way to keep the animal clean. But how often should you bathe your dog without harming?

Features of bathing the dog

On the skin of the dog, there is a natural grease, which has a protective function. During the washing process, it is removed, and recovery takes time. A few decades ago it was believed that the dog can only be washed twice a year. This was due to the fact that special detergents for animals at that time did not exist. Dogs were bathed with household, usual soap or shampoo intended for people. All these means have a very negative impact on the condition of the coat and skin of the animal, which is why there was a belief about the dangers of bathing.

Modern industry offers professional means for caring for animals. Cosmetics for washing are not limited to specialized shampoos. All drugs cause minimal damage to the skin and coat of the pet, and therefore you can use them more often. And yet it is not recommended to be too zealous with the bathing procedure.

How to often Should you bathe your dog

How To Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

According to the recommendations of veterinarians, the dog should be bath as often as necessary. For example, a street dog who lives in a booth and does not go into the house does not need bathing. As for the domestic dog, if it is very dirty for a walk, then most often just rinse his paws and stomach with the wet cloth.

The frequency of washing the dog largely depends on the season:

  1. In the spring and autumn the streets are dirty, slushy. It is quite natural that during the walk the dog will get dirty. At this time of year, you need to wash your dog as often as required. This will preserve the purity of the house, and the pet will not bring harm.
  2. In summer, it is advisable not to wash the dog at all or to wash extremely rarely if it is really dirty. Better let the pet from time to time dabble in the natural reservoirs.

In the winter, dog bathe is prohibited, except for special cases when this is really necessary. The fact is that the fat layer on the skin protects the animal and from the cold too. When bathing, it is washed off, so that your pet can catch a cold and get sick.

Breeds with long hair require more thorough care and more frequent washing. These include English and American Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers, Pekingese and other long-haired dogs. Shorthair breeds, such as Dachshund, Toy Terrier, French Bulldog, Prague Ratter or Pug, do not require such frequent bathing.

The pet that does not go outside, do not need to be washed. However, the owners, on the contrary, see them as a toy and start bathing about and without reason. This can harm the animal, even if it is not taken out for walks.

Special attention should be paid to dogs participating in exhibitions. Their performance directly depends on the appearance, so they need to be washed more often than non-titled individuals.

There are also such breeds, in which the glands secrete a specific, unpleasant odor even in the absence of contaminants. Often, they cannot be washed, but monthly bathing with the use of sparing cosmetics is allowed.

It is necessary to distinguish between full washing with cosmetics and usual rinsing with water after a walk. Washing or rubbing the paws after visiting the street is mandatory because otherwise the dirt will be spread across all the rooms.

Bathing for puppy

How To Often Should You Bathe Your Dog pet

Puppies are the same children who often get dirty during a walk. Beginning from the moment of dog walking, and approximately until the onset of 6-8 months, the animal should be washed about once every three to four weeks. First, the puppy will get used to bathing, this procedure will not be stressful for him. Secondly, you can wash off all the street dirt from it.

A very small puppy should not be bathed at all! They do not go out on the street yet, so they have nowhere to get dirty. Moreover, up to four months of age puppies should be given several vaccinations, after which both walking and bathing are prohibited. Sweat glands of puppies do not work so intensively, there will not be a smell of dog in the house. Babies, who urinate in the tray, you just need to rinse your paws.

Features of bathing older dogs

The older the dog, the less it should be bathed. The skin and coat of the animal become dry, the grease is restored heavily and very long. Even if your pet likes water and loves to swim, you need to reduce water procedures to a minimum. Better in the summer let him frolic in the pond, but avoid frequent washing with cosmetics.

Tips for bathing dogs

If bathing the dog you must follow the recommendations of experts, then bathing will not bring the dog harm and will give her pleasure.

  1. Avoid water in her nose and ears. Wash the head while bathing. To protect puppies, you can plug ears with cotton swabs.
  2. The head and temperature of the water should be comfortable and not frighten the pet.
  3. Accustom puppy to water procedures from an early age.
  4. Bathing and washing the bitches during the heat is not required.
  5. Do not use the human shampoos and gels for care, only use special cosmetics are suitable for animals.
  6. Shampoo should be dissolved in a small amount of water, foam and then after that apply to the skin and coat.
  7. Wash off the cleaning product for dog well after bathing, but do not overdo it so as not to completely remove the fatty layer from the skin.

When it is dangerous

bath a french bulldog

Many owners believe that bathing procedures will only be useful for dogs, especially if they give them pleasure. But the danger of frequent bathing is as follows:

  1. Washing of oily layer, which protects the skin of the dog.
  2. Activation of the sebaceous glands, which leads to the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  3. Hair loss in dog.
  4. Skin lesions and injuries in dogs.
  5. The dogs coat becomes greasy, it gets dirty faster.

Get rid of the smell of a dog

Sebaceous glands and saliva of dogs contain biological substances that are rapidly oxidized in the air, which gives the coat a characteristic odor that is considered normal and necessary for dogs. However, if this flavor of sufficiency is strong, it is not recommended to get rid of it with the help of frequent bathing of dogs. To get rid of the smell of a dog it is enough to buy special perfume sprays for animals or use sanitary napkins in the store. Sometimes the regular combing of old wool has a good effect. It is strictly not recommended to use human perfume.

Can I bathe my puppy before (after) the vaccination

For vaccination, there are a number of conditions that must be met, for example, the animal must be healthy and not have internal parasites. Bathing a puppy does not affect the formation of immunity or any other processes that occur after the introduction of the vaccine. Therefore, you can bathe the puppy before vaccination, but it is recommended to do this for at least a week, as it is necessary to exclude catarrhal diseases that can occur in the presence of drafts when the wool cover is not yet dry.

After vaccination, you can bathe the dog only on the advice of a veterinarian who conducted the vaccination, since everything depends on which diseases the vaccine was introduced against. On average, this period is about a month.


Thus, the purpose of bathing dogs is to keep the animal clean. Do not bathe your pet too often for your own comfort or to give him pleasure.

As a rule, ordinary human shampoos do not harm the skin and hair of the dog, if you stick to the schedule of bathing. However, in some cases, irritations can occur on the skin, especially in places where it is thinnest, in the groin, underarms, around the anus, at the genital organs, on the back of the limbs. In addition, perfume fragrance, which is abundant in such detergents, can cause an animal inconvenience, disrupting the quality of its sense of smell. A dog can be bathed with human shampoo, but not more often than once a month and with drugs that do not have a sharp strong odor.

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How To Often Should Your Bathe You Dog