How To Introduce a Cat To a Dog

Find the best way to introduce a cat to a dog at home. Learn what to do if your dog is aggressive towards cats and find the solution for problems faced by owners who want to keep both cat and dog in their house.

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The friendship between animals is always touching, but at the same time simplifies life if both a cat and a dog are kept in one house. Often these animals do not get along, and strive to scratch or tear the enemy.

But there are cases when a dog takes care of abandoned or for some reason left without cat kittens, nurtures and protects them as their own puppies.

The question “Who is the first to get a cat or a dog?” Does not make sense, because it’s easier to get two animals at once when they are still a puppy or a kitten. If you already have one of the animals and want to start another, then this question is not worth it at all. But if the cat already lives in the house, it is better to have a puppy up to 12 weeks old. At this age, puppies are better used to cats, and cats, in most cases, do not show aggression if they are not bored.

Why cats do not like dogs and vice versa

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Congenital hostility between dogs and cats is not, they are just different and live differently in their own way. For a dog living in a family, each member of the family is a member of the pack. A cat for a dog sometimes becomes a member of a pack, so you can observe friendly relations of pets. In some cases, the dog tries to show its dominant position, pressing the cat with the paw or grabbing the head in the mouth. But in such cases, the dog does not try to hurt.

Certain breeds of dogs have a well-developed hunting instinct, and this sometimes hinders friendship. They perceive other small animals as potential prey. Even if the dog does not have a developed hunting instinct, it will chase an escaping cat. But in most cases for a dog, it’s like a game, exactly the same as if she was running along with the owner.

Some cats do not go to the contact, they just sit and wait for the dog to sniff them and lose interest. Having caught the right moment, the cat will disappear.

Puppies usually pester cats, try to play, and cats in response because of the inability to hide can attack, scratch.

Problems with friendship

There are many different problems faced by the owner who wants to keep both cat and dog in the house. Here are the different problems and solution for them.

terrotory between cats and dog

Struggle for the attention of the owner

Many people heard the phrase “A cat walks by itself.” I also diligently believed in this truth, my domestic cat is very affectionate, never rebels when I try to stroke or grasp it, but she herself very seldom seeks human attention, preferring to deal with some of her own affairs. More precisely, this manner of behavior she was exactly until the moment when the second four-legged pet did not appear in our house.

This is where the fierce struggle for the attention of all family members began, a competition called “Who will run to the door faster and meet the owners” if they stroked or took on the hands of someone else, immediately began aggression from the other.

Sometimes the situation can get more sharp turns: the cat, seeing that the dog is being taken for a walk, with its desperate meowing will insistently demand that they also take it with them.

Those who are going to have a cat and a dog in the same house, you should remember how jealous animals are, almost like little children. Promise yourself to try to give the same amount of attention to both pets, so you prevent hostility between them.

Food for cat and dog

food between cat and dog

If you have a cat at home, then you know how they eat, even if they have a full bowl of food, but there is no appetite, they will not eat against their will, but leave it for later and return to it during the day. Dogs have exactly the opposite attitude to food, they will eat everything in the bowl and ask for supplements.

Coexisting in one space with a dog, the cat will have to rebuild its gourmet habits: returning to a bowl during the day will not have the desired result, since the dog, after eating its food, will also take a portion of the cat.
Remember that dogs are harmful to overeat. Bearing in mind that a certain percentage of cat food will be eaten by the watchdog, try to make sure that both your pets are full, but they do not overeat.

Also, it is worth remembering which dogs are beggars and how often it is difficult for us to refuse them in a tidbit. Do not forget that there are certain breeds of dogs (for example, pugs and Pekinese), which cannot be sweet only special dog treats.

Fight for the place

It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid the action of the pets under the general title “Who is the master of the house.” The fight will be fought for any place in the house. Even for the place, you have on your knees. Therefore, in advance, prepare for the fact that while your pets will get along together, there will be no peace in your house.

Introduce a cat to a dog

If you do not yet have any animals, but you want to have both, then it’s worth taking a kitten and a puppy, not an adult.

introduce cat and dog

So, it will be easier for them to get used to each other, and none of them will feel that someone else has taken his place in the house.

And if you already have an adult cat or dog, then do not immediately adjust to the fact that he dislikes the newcomer. It is possible that your pet will treat the new pet as his kitten or puppy: he will take care of him and play with him in every possible way.

If you notice increased aggression in your cat/dog, think twice before getting a new pet.

If the animals to some extent show aggression, jealousy towards the owners, hostility towards other animals, it is worthwhile to think carefully before starting the second pet, because you can endanger the health and life of a new pet.

If you are not sure that you can surround with the same attention and love of both pets, then you should wait to start the second animal.

Remember that dogs and cats are very sensitive animals that will immediately notice a lack of attention from the owner. They need care, love, and affection, and if one of the two feels that another is given more attention, it can provoke hatred and aggression towards the second animal.

Think about whether you are responsible for two lives

If you are going on vacation, will there be a person among your loved ones who will agree to look after your mini-zoo? Cats, as a rule, require less care, they do not need to walk three or four times a day, but with the dog, things are more serious.

Think about your daily routine, if you are at work all day, will other members of your family be able to go out for a day out with a dog? Are you willing to sometimes wake up at 6 in the morning, if your dog wants to go to the toilet? Can you accept the fact that you have to walk with a dog in any weather?

Answer yourself these and other questions before you start pets. It’s only because of our human irresponsibility and cruelty that there are so many homeless animals on the streets now.

Observe the reaction of both pets

Reactions can be completely different, for example, the dog wags its tail when she likes something, and the cat waves its tail when, on the contrary, it does not like something. If you get information about such reactions in advance, it will help you to recognize the emotions that your pets are experiencing, and most importantly, how they are adjusted at a certain moment in relation to each other.

Do not stay away

Especially at the very beginning, when your pets are just starting to get to know each other, do not let everything go wild. Try to bring them closer: come up with games in which both pets can participate simultaneously, take a cat for a walk when next time you go to walk the dog, or just drop in with the pets on the sofa and watch the movie.

Whether two different pets can live in one house, depends not only on themselves, on their characters and habits, but on their owners, one should never forget this.

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How To Introduce a Cat To a Dog