How To Make a Dog Gain Weight

Find the best way to make a dog gain weight without harming the dog. Learn what to feed and in how much quantity to make a dog gain weight and muscle fast. Also, find the daily calories intake for a dog and amount of dry food to give your dog.

Make a Dog Gain Weight

A domestic pet is a full-fledged member of the family, so you should also take care of it, feed it and monitor its health. A great value for the health of the dog is nutrition. The article deals with the following questions, how to make a dog gains weight, why your dog refuse dry food, is it harmful to dogs for cat food?

How to make a dog gain weight

It happens that pets gain an insufficient amount of weight. This may be due to illness, but not necessarily. Some dogs simply may not have enough elements in the body, so you need to find out the cause right away.

thin dog

The main thing is to approach the process of fattening the dog carefully, so as not to cause more damage to the pet’s body. To find out the reasons for thinness, it is best to contact a veterinarian who, in a clinical setting, will be able to perform the examination and prescribe a treatment.

However, there are cases when it is impossible to visit a veterinary clinic or there is no money for a full survey.

To have an idea of what the dog is preventing from gaining weight, we will consider several reasons:

  1. If the bitch has newborn puppies, then she needs to be rehabilitated after childbirth. To do this, it will be enough to follow it and you can give more food so that it can fill the missing substances in the body.
  2. If the dog lives not alone in the house, but with other domestic pets who eat next to him, then a conflict over food is possible. It can manifest itself in the fact that other pets cannot give a skinny dog that is quite logical leads to the exhaustion of the body. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to feed the depleted animal separately from other animals and observe its condition.
  3. The dog can be ill, which manifests itself in diarrhea, vomiting, fever, which results in a refusal to eat food and water.
  4. If the animal has lost weight sharply, then the reason may be worms. In this case, you need to give a tablet of worms. The presence of parasites in the body of an animal can lead to death.
  5. Many puppies of service breeds do not gain weight of adult dogs, as they are characterized by complete body formation to 2-3 years. Do not try to fatten young dogs, since they are characterized by an active metabolism in the body.

If you want to fatten your pet, you just need to find out whether underweight is associated with malnutrition. To do this, you need to know the weight, which is the standard for the breed. This can help the dog handlers tables, in which you can find such indicators as minimum and maximum weight of the dog. These indicators vary by sex.

Calories intake for every kg of dogs weight

nutrition for gas pain

Daily norms for 1 kg of weight for dogs, depending on the size, are as follows:

  1. For miniature – 110 kcal.
  2. For small – 85 kcal.
  3. For medium-sized rocks – 70 kcal.
  4. For large – 60 kcal.
  5. For very large – 65 kcal.

If you find out that your four-footed friend does not have enough calories that are contained in his diet, then you can gradually begin to increase portions to gain the weight of the pet. Increasing portions should occur gradually throughout the week until the daily norm is reached.

In order to quickly gain weight, the pet should follow the following tips, which will help to understand why he refuses to eat:

  1. A pet that eats a regular feed should be gradually transferred to a feed designed for active and young dogs. Such foods are extremely energy-intensive and high-calorie. To achieve the desired effect, you must adhere to the regulations at the stern and periodically weigh the pet.
  2. Try to feed the pet instead of dry food with special canned food for dogs. If as a result, your pet will have an increase in weight, then he simply tired of the dry food. In this case, you need to buy more expensive food or give natural food.
  3. In the dog’s diet, there should be either only dry food or natural products, since mixing the feed can adversely affect her health.
  4. To quickly gain weight by the pet, it is necessary that in its diet products with vitamins from group B, such as beef and liver, prevail.
  5. In case of a sharp weight loss, several times a week you can give additional infant formula. But it is necessary to adhere to a measure not to do much harm to health and not to aggravate a situation.
  6. At a dysbacteriosis at animals the food is not acquired, therefore it is necessary to analyze whether there are not undigested parts of food. Since with this disease, the dog will not gain weight, no matter how much you give her food. For treatment of a dysbacteriosis, it is necessary to spend a course probiotics.
  7. If the pet eats natural foods, rather than feed, then you should add some vitamins to your food. Complexes of vitamins can be selected independently, or by consulting with a veterinarian.
  8. Hyperactive animals will not be harmed by special supplements that enrich her body with substances that improve metabolism.
  9. Do not forget that there are small dogs that are very problematic to feed. With such dogs, the principle of 10 minutes is valid, put a bowl of food, offered, waited 10 minutes, if not ate the bowl is cleaned until the next feeding. Usually, such a hunger strike works, but here one must have the confidence that the animal is healthy.

What if dog refuses dry food

dry food for dogs

Most often since childhood, the pet is fed by natural products, but when he grows up, the owner tries to teach him to dry food. Usually, this is due to the fact that a four-footed friend lacks substances that are not in her diet, so there is a need for additional feed.

The abrupt transition from natural food to dry food can cause food stress in an animal.

If the dog ate dry food, but then stopped, there may be two reasons: either the stale food (or does not like the taste) or the animal has problems with the digestive system or health in general. If you always buy the same food that the pet eats with pleasure, then in case of refusal to eat it is better not to hesitate and immediately go to the veterinary clinic.

What should I do if the dog does not want to eat dry food:

  1. A sharp transition to dry food from natural is unacceptable since this will negatively affect the health of the animal.
  2. If you want to accustom a four-legged friend to dry food, then you need to start gradually adding dry food to the usual food. This should be done during the week.
  3. In the beginning, dry food should be no more than 1/7 of the main meal, then 2/7 and so on until the natural food is completely replaced with dry food. Thus, you will help the pet’s digestive system to smoothly switch to a new kind of food.

If you want to accustom the puppy to dry food, it is inadmissible to use it in its pure form. Teeth have not yet grown stronger in puppies, therefore it is not necessary to give excessive loads to them. Many believe that in order for a puppy to be able to eat dry food, it can be softened. If you soak dry food, which is not necessary, even for puppies, it’s either just water or kefir, but not yogurt.

obesity in dogs

Remember that dry food is much more substantial than usual food. Therefore, do not pour a four-legged friend a full bowl, because it will be too much, and you will think that she has some problems. In addition, it can lead to a set of excess weight. As the dry food is enriched with vitamins and various useful additives, it is necessary to prevent over-saturation of the dog.

When buying food, be sure to look at the date of manufacture, so that the pet does not eat spoiled food. If you want to buy food by weight, then it should be done only in trusted stores. Mixing of natural and dry food is unacceptable in daily nutrition since mixing is only necessary while getting used to the new food.

A domestic pet can quickly gain excess weight if, together with the porridge, it will constantly consume pellets of dry food. This obesity is very difficult to cure.

If the pet is accustomed to dry food, then he should not give small portions of meat or arrange a holiday in the form of natural food. Such a meal can cause problems with the health of the animal.

Also, do not alternate the feed, as this can adversely affect the digestive system. It is necessary to worry about the preservation of water balance in the dog. To do this, it is enough to give her the necessary amount of water throughout the day, since there is no liquid in the stern.

If your pet does not want to eat dry food, even your favorite, you do not need to give her something “more delicious”, but it is better to contact a veterinary clinic.

Lack of appetite in the dog can serve as the first signal about the onset of the disease. When choosing a dry feed, you need to pay attention to its composition and the age of the pet, since different periods of life require different vitamins.

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How To Make a Dog Gain Weight