15 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Here are the most expensive dog breeds in the world. This expensive breeds of the dog vary from one thousand to several thousand for a puppy. We have listed 15 most expensive dog breeds in ascending order in this article.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

A dog is a man’s friend, that’s undeniable. Sometimes, to get yourself a good friend, you need to lay out a fortune, after all, thoroughbred pets are quite expensive. Do you want to know which breeds of dogs are considered the most expensive in the world and why?

Most expensive dog breeds

Here is the list of 15 most expensive breed of dogs and reason why they are so expensive.

15. Bullmastiff

source: petpaw.com

The breed was bred about a hundred years ago as a result of crossing the mastiff with an English bulldog. Very large dogs, the weight of an adult male can reach 60 kg. A strong, muscular figure can cause fear, but in fact, the right bullmastiff is a calm, well-balanced and friendly dog. The cost of a thoroughbred puppy on average is $ 1000.

14. Chinese Crested

chinese crested
Source: vetstreet.com

This miniature glamorous beauty is the only bald dwarf dog, and the elegant tuft on her head gives her a unique elegance. Chinese Crested are loved not only for their external originality and attractiveness but also for a very gentle and good-natured character. The cost of the baby is about 1000 dollars.

13. Shar pei

sharpei dog breed
Source: vetstreet.com

This breed was bred in China. A nice plush shar pei cannot be confused with anyone, it easy to identify with his crumpled skin with short hair seems a couple of times larger than the body of a dog. A lot of folds-wrinkles, sad eyes and a square, muzzle like a hippopotamus, the differences of the breed. These dogs have a very cheerful and playful disposition, despite the sad look. Thoroughbred shar pei stands about one and a half thousand dollars.

12. Akita Inu (Japanese or American Akita)

akita inu

Amazingly clever, faithful and devoted dogs of the Akita breed are a real find. She is perfectly capable of training, absolutely devoid of aggression and excellently gets on with the children. Such a dog will become a true Friend to his master. You can buy a puppy for 1000 – 1500 dollars.

11. Pharaoh’s dog

Pharaoh's dog

One of the ancient breeds, this dog today is quite rare. Their appearance is graceful enough and aristocratic, tall, slender, regular physique, Pharaoh’s dogs always proudly and straightly hold their heads, and in their glance, they read an uncommon mind. These animals are actually very smart and excellent in training, but at the same time rather capricious. An interesting feature of the breed can be called facial expression: it is able to smile funny and playfully wrinkle the nose, which is unusual for dogs. You can buy a beautiful and rare puppy within 2 thousand USD.

10. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Very clever, active and nimble hunting dogs were bred by Jack Russell to catch red foxes. Two-color dense wool, height 12-15 inches, proportional body structure, signs of thoroughbred terriers. These pets are true charms, they are able to charm only with intelligent eyes, and their independence, accuracy and ability to be active in playing and quiet houses are qualities that bribe all the owners. The average cost of a puppy Jack Russell is 1500 dollars.

9. Rottweiler

Source: dogbreedlist.info

These brave, strong and very beautiful dogs require the strictest training from the very childhood, otherwise, their irrepressible and aggressive enough nature spoils the character of the pet. In fact, this is a clever, emotional and deeply committed breed. A thoroughbred Rottweiler can become yours for about 1.5-2 thousand dollars for a unit of puppy.

8. Chongqing

Chinese Chongqing Dog

This rare breed was bred in China. To buy a purebred puppy, you need to order it from abroad, since in US there are no official breeders of Chongqing. Smooth wool with a reddish tint, a powerful physique, an impressive size and at the same time, a soft and calm character, that’s what attracts these magnificent animals. Buy a puppy can be quite a challenge, on average, it will cost $ 2,000.

7. Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier

This active and energetic kid is a wonderful hunter. Norfolk Terrier was bred in England for hunting game animals. Today he is valued for friendliness, loyalty, ability to feel the mood of the owner and amazing courage. And Norfolk Terrier is absolutely not choosy and does not require expensive maintenance. The price of such puppies can reach 2500 USD.

6. King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

Very kind, friendly and accommodating doggies, which are not one century are favorites of royal families in England. The history of the breed begins more than a millennium ago, this is one of the oldest breeds, which today remains quite popular and beloved. The royal dog will cost a wishing to buy a puppy at about 2.5 thousand dollars.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
Source: dogtime.com

Another favorite of aristocrats, the Yorkshire Terrier, was originally bred for catching rats. Handsome men with long silk wool and expressive eyes quickly fell in love with the higher society, and pretty quickly York turned into a kind of glamorous accessory. Representatives of the breed can often be spoiled, capricious and even grumpy, but stupid cannot be called these dogs. Yorkies have a mischievous, humorous character, their playfulness makes the dogs good friends for children. The approximate cost of a Yorkshire Terrier purebred puppy is 2-3 thousand dollars.

4. English Bulldog

english bulldogs
Source: mnn.com

Surprisingly, this breed was bred as far back as the 13th century in England for bullying bulls! These small, but stocky and heavy dogs can easily defeat even such a strong and terrible enemy, several times their size. Today, English bulldogs have ceased to be regarded as fighting dogs, rather, they are excellent companions and friends for the whole family. Despite the formidable appearance, they are very kind, friendly and calm pets with a balanced character. The price of English bulldog puppies varies around 2500 USD.

3. Argentinean dog

Argentinian dog

Truly chic handsome snow-white color is awe and delight. These tall, stately and strong dogs are an example of masculinity and power. Argentines look very frightening, but it’s worth becoming friends with this dog and you will not find a more faithful companion. These Danes are very brave and fearless. They are excellent hunters and defenders, and also wonderful friends. Puppies of this breed are very expensive, their average cost is 2500-3000 dollars, individual specimens with an impeccably pedigree can be estimated at 5000.

2. The Samoyed Laika

The Samoyed Laika

This magnificent breed is related to the likes and with the Spitz. Magnificent snow-white wool, against which the eyes-beads and bear-like wide nose are particularly prominent, is the main distinctive feature and pride of the Samoyeds. They generally look like polar bears: they are strong enough, confidently standing on their paws and unperturbed. The character of the Samoyed Laika is truly golden: they are very intelligent, obedient, easy to train, and permanently attached to their master. Friendly and playful Samoyeds get on very well with children, they are real family dogs. Making a Samoyed is not a cheap pleasure: an average puppy will cost one and a half to two thousand dollars, of course, while the price of purebred dogs with a pedigree may increase to 6,000 USD.

1. Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff

Just a glance at this mass is a shudder even for experienced dog breeders. Still, the usual weight of these dogs is 50-60 kg, and after all, individuals known to have gained weight in excess of a hundred! Tibetan mastiffs have quite impressive sizes and strong character of the defender. These are ideal watchdogs. Adult dogs cannot be called affectionate, at the same time they are characterized by complete devotion to the master. The approximate cost of puppies Mastiff 3-4 thousand dollars. At its price, this dog is the record holder, after all this breed was a dog worth half million dollars! The most expensive Tibetan mastiff had a rare red color and was bought by a Chinese millionaire in 2011.

So, we completed the list of most expensive dog breeds, but don’t worry not all good dog breed are expensive. If you want a dog for your family you can find some good, smart and easily trained dog breeds for your family.

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15 Most Expensive Dog Breeds