10 Most Rare Dog Breeds

Find the top 10 most rare dog breeds currently present with a picture. These very unique and expensive dog breed only milliners can afford to get one as their pet.

White Tibetan Mastiff Most Rare Dog Breeds

Now in the world, there are more than four hundred breeds of dogs. Some of them are more common among people, while others are rare. At the same time, the cost of puppies for this does not affect how. The rarity of the breed of dogs depends on many other factors. Some of them are difficult to breed, others are bred only in certain regions of the world, which complicates their spread to other parts of the globe. Also, there are specially excavated working rocks, which are used mainly in work. Pictures of rare breeds of dogs with descriptions will help to see those who are the least numerous of its kind.

Many people think that they have an exclusive rare dog, but in fact, to really rare all known breeds, found among fans, very far. Some remained in the number less than a hundred and are found only in one country in the world. Therefore, here is represented the 10 best most rare breeds, which belong to the rarest dogs.

Most rare dog breeds

Here are the 10 most rare dog breeds, which you have never seen:

1. Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing dog is one of the oldest breeds since it originates from the 3rd century BC. The name she received due to the place of its appearance, Chongqing Province. A low degree of distribution of the breed is due to the fact that only high-ranking individuals could afford to have such a dog. Now the number of such breeds is only a few thousand. Most of them are in China, while in other countries there are only a few representatives. The cost of puppies is too high only a wealthy can afford it.

2. Catalburun dog

Catalburun dog
Source: mnn.com

Catalburun dog belongs to the hunting breeds of dog. Dogs are predominantly prevalent in Turkey, because they are used for their intended purpose and where they were bred. A characteristic feature of the exterior is a forked nose, which is why it got its name. Representatives are massive and stocky. Outside the homeland, they are little known and almost never occur. The price of puppies starts from 1600 dollars.

3. Chinook

chinook dog breed
Source: vetstreet.com

Chinook dog breed appeared at the beginning of the last century. The native land of the breed is the United States of America, New Hampshire. It was displayed as a sled dog with the best qualities for this case. This is a strong, powerful, hardy dog, skillfully adapting to different weather conditions. After the death of the founder of the A. Valden breed, the Chinook began to wither, and by the 1980s only 11 individuals were left. Now active work is underway to restore the population.

4. Mudi


Mudi dog breed appeared as a branch of the non-purebred mixtures of sheep-dogs with such breeds as pumas and bullets in Hungary. They are used as shepherds. They were taken out at the end of the 19th century. Mudi became very useful in agriculture-related work. With their help, they hunted, grazed cattle, guarded the territory. Now their population seldom falls, thanks to which in the past the popular dog also replenished the list of the rarest breeds of dogs. You can find them mainly in Hungary. The cost of puppies is 700 dollars.

5. Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback
Source: vetstreet.com

Thai Ridgeback dog breed is found mainly in Thailand. History omits how this breed appeared. Thais refer these dogs to workers, as they become good watchmen and hunters. Representatives have short hair and a noble profile. The musculature is developed above average, which allows using them for prolonged physical exertion. Ridgebacks develop the high speed, which is useful during hunting.

6. Azawakh


Azawakh is a dog breed with an ancient history. It originated in Africa, on the territory of the modern state of Niger. Because of the remoteness from the civilized world, this breed all the time-lagged behind the unknown. They were used as escorts during long transitions through the desert. Now, these dogs can be found in Europe, where they fell in the middle of the 70s of last century. The constitution of the body is very thin and dry, and the muzzle is long and elongated.

7. Stabyhoun

Source: dogbreedslist.info

Stabyhoun dogs were first bred in the Netherlands in the 19th century. This is a hunting dog, which appeared due to the crossing of popular German or French spaniels together with the Black partridge breed. A strong desire for hunting manifests itself not only during the outbreak into the forest for the game but also at a meeting with rats. They serve as destroyers of rodents and watchmen. The rarity is caused by the limited breeding grounds, as they are found mainly in the Netherlands.

8. Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund
Source: akc.org

The Norwegian Lundehund dog breed is also known under a different name a hunting husky. A distinctive feature of representatives is the presence of the sixth finger on the paws. This helps them to climb confidently over rocks and other complex surfaces. Dogs are very flexible and hardy. They have an average size. They have a balanced and calm disposition. They do not manifest aggression to people. Now the population is significantly falling. There are representatives of the breed in Norway.

9. White Tibetan Mastiff

White Tibetan Mastiff

White Tibetan mastiff dog breed refers to longhaired large breeds. They are white and this is not because they are albinos. In the area of the head, they have a peculiar mane. The longer coat is also in the pelvis. The weight of an adult dog reaches about 70 kg. The character is very calm and balanced. The socialization of the breed’s representatives is rather difficult, as it is used for watchdog purposes. Mastiffs are suspicious and distrustful. The cost of puppies is up to a million dollars.

10. Carolina dog

carolina cog

Carolina dog, which can still call the American dingo, only outwardly resembles its untamed fellow. Dogs are not adapted to cold, cannot stay in the wind for long. Short hair and relatively small sizes do not provide adaptability to colds. Their strength is the good tolerance of drought. It is not known how the breed happened. At the moment there are only a few hundred representatives of the breed.

After examining photos of rare breeds of dogs with names, it can be concluded that the parameters of the animal itself have little effect on its prevalence. After all, there are a variety of types of dogs. Not all of them are distributed in our country, and if you can meet them, they are not always bred in nurseries. Popularity is mainly acquired by compact animals and large ones are encountered less and less. Fans of rare breeds promote the breeding of their pets.

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10 Most Rare Dog Breeds