Natural Home Remedies For Itchy Skin In Dogs

Here are the best natural home remedies for itchy skin in dogs and different causes of itchy skin. Learn to treat itchy skin in dogs with different home remedies which include various external means. The best way to treat itchy skin is Apple cider vinegar and you can find more detail on this topic in an article, How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Cure Itching In Dogs.

get Rid of Dry Skin in Dogs

Many inexperienced dog owners are tormented by the question, what to do if the dog starts to itch aggressively. Go to the store and immediately buy a remedy for fleas? It is important to understand that not only fleas can cause itching. Therefore, first it is necessary to understand is the catalyst, but the treatment will be selected.

Causes of itching in dogs

There are quite a number of reasons that can cause itching. First of all, of course, it is necessary to take into account parasitic diseases, that is, fleas and ticks.

How To Remove Fleas From Dogs Fast

The likelihood that fleas are the cause of pruritus is often underestimated. This is because these small pests are not visible on the dog, but still, they often create discomfort for the pet. Allergic reaction to saliva fleas and causes itching. For animals that have a strong sensitivity to saliva fleas, sometimes a few bites are enough to trigger an allergic reaction.

It is also necessary to carry out scrapings in order to identify ticks. This is an effective method of identifying the causes of pruritus. But nevertheless, there is a special kind of mites, which are the causative agents of sarcoptosis (scabies) in dogs. This kind of small creatures can be found only in 40% of scrapings. But still, the doctor can determine the disease according to the signs that are present in the pet. He will prescribe a treatment that will 100% relieve mites and will not bring any harm to the animal.

Another thing to consider is that there is always a microflora on the skin, that is, fungi and bacteria in very small amounts. In the case of a normal state of the body and the absence of skin diseases, they do not cause any problems. But against the background of some disease, the number of these organisms increases, which complicates the complex state of the skin.

Fungal and bacterial skin inflammation in dogs is very common, and since these microorganisms cause itching, the veterinarian can prescribe a study in the smear laboratory of affected areas. With the help of this analysis, he will be able to confirm or exclude the preliminary cause of the disease.

If the options listed above are excluded, then most likely, the dog deals with allergies. In these animals, it is of two kinds: food and not food. In order to diagnose, the doctor looks at the history of the disease, as well as the results of examining the skin and examining the patient, compares them, and, if necessary, prescribes further diagnostics.

It is necessary to understand that it is difficult for a doctor to find out exactly what an allergy is in a dog, since the symptoms are similar, namely, redness, calculation and itching. And in order to treat them, you need different drugs. Because it is important to understand what kind of allergy the veterinarian is dealing with.
To date, there are no tests to determine each type of allergy. Because the diagnostic stage is stretched for a long time and its algorithm is to exclude different types of allergies. This process begins with food allergy using an exclusive diet that lasts six to eight weeks.

Diet consists of industrial or domestic food, which consists of products that are new to the pet. After all, the allergy does not depend on the amount of allergen that the body receives. Because of this, you cannot give anything else to the dog, it also applies to treats and vitamins. At the end of the diet, a “provocation” is done, that is, a transition to the previous feeding is carried out. If, with the help of a diet, the redness and itching are gone or just decreased, and after the introduction of the previous meal, it was she who caused the itch. Further, the method of treatment and prevention will be the reception of dietary meals throughout life.

But as practice shows, food allergy has not a very large number of manifestations, much more often veterinarians deal with non-food allergies. Given this option, allergy symptoms cannot pass.

Non-food allergy, otherwise called atopic dermatitis, can be obtained with the help of allergens from the environment, for example, from spores of fungi, house dust mites, pollen and others. It is impossible to cure such an allergy, as allergens will be present all the time in the environment, but it is possible to reduce the itching with the help of drug therapy and provide the animal with a normal quality of life.

Exotic cause of the itch can be called psychogenic licking. It is characterized by stereotyped, repetitive behavior, and it arises mainly due to inattention from owners, with hyperreactivity and at times of stressful situations. Predisposition to this behavior are the Great Danes, Dobermans, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters, and German Shepherds.

Occasionally, there may be other causes of itching, rare diseases, the diagnosis of which should be thorough and competent.

Natural home remedies for itchy skin in dogs

To treat itching, depending on its causes, various means can be used.

comb a dog to remove fleas


Histamine is a biological agent and the main mediator of inflammation in humans. But for dogs it is not the main cause of inflammation, therefore the use of the drugs that block it is not as reliable as it would be. For dogs, control of skin itching in the case of antihistamines shows an efficacy of 40%. In addition, several types of antihistamines are also tested, each of which the host should be given for two weeks. This is necessary in order to find the best option.

Antihistamines also have side effects, primarily drowsiness. But still, this is a milder option than the systemic changes that will necessarily occur when taking corticosteroids.

It should also be noted that the mutual use of corticosteroids together with antihistamines will decrease the amount of the hormone that controls the itching.

Enriching food with fatty acids

food for dog

After the anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil and evening, primrose oil in humans was discovered, this caused the appearance of similar products that give the same effect to animals. These include only natural drugs that have the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve cramps and itching and also reduce pain in the joints.

If we talk about the effectiveness of this remedy for dogs, it helps within the limits of 10% and 25% of cases. Therefore, this method can be used in the case of its combination with antihistamines in order to increase the entire treatment.

External means

In case of using for treatment of inflamed skin with various solutions, it must be taken into account that cool water itself calms the sick skin.

Appliques with oats and colloid shampoos

Initially, these were used in cosmetology and were in the composition of fillers for baths in the form of powder. But after people learned about their anti-inflammatory effect, veterinarians also began using them. With the help of colloid oatmeal, you can delay the toxins that cause burning. This gives a few days of the lighter condition of the dog. Applications using oats are more effective drugs, suggesting that they can be used in conjunction with local anesthetics.

Solutions of sulfur

Solutions with sulfur help to destroy skin parasites, cure bacterial skin lesions and dermatomycosis. I would also like to note an improvement in the condition of skin areas that are affected by wet eczema and the dissolution of proteins involved in the allergic reaction in the surface layers of the skin.

Veterinarians also note that if you regularly use such solutions, there will be some inconvenience. For example, they have a terrible smell and the room where this procedure will be carried out will preserve it. Also, if a solution of sulfur hits the clothes, it will become colored. But the color of white wool will change to yellow.



Returning to the causes of itching in dogs, remember that yeast fungi and bacteria, skin parasites and excess skin fats are factors that can begin skin itching. To treat its causes, there is a huge number of ways to rinse and shampoo. In the event that you do intend to use these tools, then for them the minimum time for application is 10 minutes. In the event that the remedy is washed away earlier, the therapeutic effect will not be achieved.

For an animal, a strong itch spoils all life and one must understand that corticosteroids can help to avoid this. They are a tool to reduce the pain and suffering of the animal. You also need to know that they are an important part of therapy aimed at treating pruritus. But still, due to the bad effect of steroids on the body, it is necessary to avoid long-term use of steroids. As practice shows, for a complete cure is still needed a long-term, which forces use of special therapeutic protocols.

Despite the fact that corticosteroid hormones have a large number of side effects and their use is highly undesirable, they are an indispensable remedy against severe allergic itching.

And finally, we note that already today there are corticosteroids for external use. They act without being absorbed through the skin, and because of what there is no negative effect on the body. In the event that the doctor does not see specific contraindications, it is possible to apply such means to small areas. After all, it’s silly to postpone an effective and not harmful medicine.

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Natural Home Remedies For Itchy Skin In Dogs