How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs Naturally

Find the best way to prevent bloat in dogs naturally at home. Learn what are the causes and treatment of bloating in dogs and what to do for prevention of stomach bloating.

prevent bloat in dogs naturally

Bloating in a dog are widespread and life-threatening for animals. Due to stretching stomach gasses, there is a turn of intestines, displacement of internal organs. This can lead to violations of the work of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and the subsequent death of a pet.

Causes of bloating in dogs

Gases that are formed as a result of digestion, are derived from the body of the animal naturally. Under the influence of certain factors, they begin to accumulate and rise into the small intestine, which causes bloating.
The main causes of flatulence are:

  1. Ingestion of air with fast food intake by dog.
  2. Unbalanced food may cause bloating in dogs. Food with high fiber concentration, soy products, spoiled, poor quality, hot food, binge eating, a sharp change in food.
  3. Allergic reaction to certain types of products is the main cause of bloating in dog.
  4. Dysfunction of the digestive system, in which food is not completely processed by the body.
  5. Inflammatory process in the gastrointestinal tract of dog.
  6. Dysbacteriosis can cause bloating in dog.
  7. Infectious diseases can makes the dogs stomach bloat.
  8. Some time problems with defecation in dog can cause gases.
  9. Failures in the operation of the pancreas.
  10. Diseases of the liver can lead to bloating.
  11. Sedentary lifestyle is another main cause of improper function of digestive system.
  12. The presence of worms in the stomach of animal can cause bloating.

As a result of the accumulation of gases in intestine occurs intoxication organism of the animal. Dross and toxins are absorbed because the flow of blood they spread throughout the body.

The meteorism in dogs is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, rumbling, spasms and pain in the abdomen.

Allocations of unnatural color from the dog’s anus, vomiting with feces, an anxiety of the animal signal serious health problems and in such case you have to consult the vet as soon as possible.

Treatment of flatulence in dogs

The treatment of meteorism in dogs depends on the causes of its formation. The main areas are:

exercising for dog
  1. Normalization of system functioning.
  2. Getting your dog to do some exercise or physical activity on daily bases.
  3. Elimination of major diseases, as many a time bloating can be caused because of some other diseases.

Normalization of the number of intestinal microorganisms is achieved by using drugs with high concentration probiotics. They are prescribed depending on the condition of the animal, the stage of development of the disease.

To activate the work of the digestive organs, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the causes that cause their dysfunction. In this case, medicament treatment is used. The effect of medicines is aimed at normalizing the process of enzyme production and improving digestion. After the diagnosis of the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, enzyme medicines are prescribed.

Treatment of flatulence is to eliminate bloating. For this purpose, the stomach is washed with a special probe, through which sorbents are introduced. In emergency situations, the abdominal cavity of the animal is pierced with a thin needle, through which the accumulated gas is removed from the body.

To reduce the pressure in the abdominal cavity, use carminative drugs. If the bloating is accompanied by a severe pain syndrome, the specialists conduct X-ray examination, as well as a study of blood and feces. These measures will help to determine the causes of the disease, to note the possible combination of internal organs or the formation of tumors.

When the gases are removed from the digestive system, it is populated with a useful microflora. To do this, use probiotics, natural yogurt.

Improve the digestive process will help products that envelop walls stomach and create a protective barrier against the effects of negative factors. Recommend to use rice porridge, flax seeds, herbal decoction. Reduce the number of gases and toxic substances in a dog sobbing substances.

To facilitate the condition of the dog will help decoction of chamomile. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, which favorably affects the work of the digestive tract. The medicinal drink should be given to the pet on a spoon in a day. If the dog refuses to drink it, you can add it to liquid food or inject it with a syringe.

During the recovery period, the correct diet should be prepared for the animal. Feed your pet preferably in small portions, more than 4-6 times a day. It must be ensured that he does not swallow food quickly. From the daily menu, it is necessary to exclude legumes, dry food, milk, sea fish, porridge, food that contains sugar.

With an acute form of swelling, it is recommended to feed the dog only with boiled chopped rice boiled on water or low-fat broth. It is necessary to make sure that the dog does not get food from the trash can or ate something that has been spoiled during the walk.

Prevent bloating in dogs

The technique of arresting bloating depends on the clinical picture, more precisely, whether the dog experiences pain.

food for dog

Before you “clean” the intestines, carefully consider the pet’s diet for the duration of treatment. Optimal contact with a veterinarian who will help you decide what to do first. Based on the experience of “experienced owners”, first of all, doctors recommend to exclude from the diet the following products:

  1. Dry food containing legumes.
  2. Milk, if suspected of lactose intolerance.
  3. Fish if necessary depending on dogs condition.
  4. All cereals, except rice and buckwheat.
  5. Any products containing sugar, including goodies.

If the dog’s condition is acute, for the first 2-3 days, a “cleaning” diet is prescribed, boiled rice on water or a light broth. As an additional examination, blood and feces are analyzed. With a painful swelling, an X-ray is performed, to detect a possible displacement of organs or tumors.

After everything is fixed it is necessary to take a preventive measure to prevent bloat in dogs naturally.

  1. It is necessary to feed the dog 2-3 times a day and a strictly field walks.
  2. Do not give the dog water, immediately after the load, wait until the pets is comfortable and gas is out.
  3. Grind the food properly, look at the dog’s jaw and the size of its chewing tooth, slices of food should not be more.
  4. Install bowls of water and food on the stand so that the dog does not have to “throw” food into the esophagus.
  5. Strictly follow the diet with any unnatural for a wild dog food can provoke gas formation.
  6. As a preventive measure, feed the pet to the ground beef stomach, the smell is not pleasant, but it’s worth it.

Feed a healthy dog preferably after a street walk, but no more than 3 times a day.
In case of worsening of the dog’s state of health, one should consult a veterinarian who will determine the cause of the swelling, prescribe the appropriate treatment, and make a diet.

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How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs Naturally