10 Reasons Why Dogs Howl At Night

Find the reasons why dogs howl at night and how to stop it. Learn how to comfort your dog when she howls and learn whether the howling is because of pain or joy or just a means of communication.

Reasons Why Dogs Howl At Night

Mournful canine howl, one of the most unpleasant and even terrible sounds for the human ear. Especially it is not at ease when the animal tenses at night. Still, after all, people’s signs say that the howl of a dog portends a quick death or illness of its owner. But is it worth it always to be afraid of canine “weeping”?

Reasons Why Dogs Howl at night

Let’s try to find the reasons why the dog howls:

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  1. Instinct: Even the smallest and most friendly Tuzik is, in fact, a domesticated wolf. And wolves, as is known, use a howl to communicate with other congeners. With the help of a voice signal, wild animals communicate with other members of the pack, announce their fellow tribesmen about finding prey, drive strangers from their land. The dog, in whose veins the wolf blood flows, howling, can simply seek communication with other individuals. Hearing in the distance the shrill howl of another dog (this noise will not be heard by the master’s ear), the pet can easily “answer” it, introducing the owner into a stupor.
  2. Poor health of pet: We just think that the dog howls with no reason. But so an animal can complain of pain, calling on a person to help.
  3. Sadness or boredom from loneliness: Dog sound is heard only in the absence of the owner? Perhaps the dog howls when there is only one in the apartment, longing for the beloved owner. The animal is simply lonely and there is nothing to occupy itself because it makes noisy and prolonged sounds. For the same reason, the animal can “cry” on the chain, experiencing loneliness.
  4. Call for play and communication: An animal can easily chew if the owner does not pay any attention to it. With the help of a loud howling the dog as it says, “Master, pay attention to me, play with me!”
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  6. Fear in dog: The dog can respond with howling to the sirens of fast or fire cars, festive fireworks, shots, any loud incomprehensible sounds. When a person is frightened, he often screams. So the dog expresses its fear with the help of howling.
  7. Hunger: Does the dog howl with its neighbors? Perhaps, so the animal asks for food. Unfortunately, sometimes people forget to fill a bowl of animal feed, late for work. It is not surprising that the dog begins to get nervous and howl.
  8. Singing along: Some dogs are music lovers, when they hear human singing or guitar sounds (pianos, violins, etc.) begin to whine. The web is full of videos, in which the owner, for example, plays guitar, and his dog sings. True, not all animals respond to music. Most dogs are indifferent to melodies.
  9. Warning of a fire or other trouble: The dogs have an excellent nose, they are better than a man hundreds of times catch the finest smells. An animal can howl, for example, feeling the smell of burning (warns of a fire). There is even such a sign: the dog howls, having lifted its muzzle upwards to be a fire. In addition, sometimes animals begin to howl a few days before the robbery of the master’s house or other unpleasant event (for example, flooding the apartment). How four-legged friends feel misfortune is a mystery.
  10. Prediction of a severe illness or death: No matter how terrible, but sometimes the dog howls in the yard day or night to the worst news: to the illness or the quick death of its owner (or any member of the family). The mystic can be treated differently, but it happens that on the eve of the untimely demise of a man, his dog howls and pierces long and hard. Why is that? How can a dog know that there is a separation? There is an opinion that the pet simply smells a special smell from the person before death. But the animal can also howl before the sudden death (accident, fall from height, etc.). Explanations cannot be found. The dog simply anticipates misfortune. By the way, according to the beliefs, a dog howls to the deceased, buried face to the ground.
  11. Joy: In order not to be too scary, we note that the dog can also howl with joy, for example, when meeting its owner from work. Or feel the smell of an individual of opposite sex, running around. That is, the animal expresses its positive emotions with the help of howling.

Stop dogs howling

Considering that the majority will accept very unpleasant noise about the canine weeping, the question arises: “What if the dog howls?”.

Reasons Why Dogs Howl At Night comfort your dog

If a foreign dog howls, naturally, there’s nothing to be done. Maximum, you can call your neighbor and inquire about his health. But if your own dog is worried, you should do this:

  1. Try to calm your dog by playing with him or giving his favorite treat.
  2. Affectionately talk with the animal, pat it. Most likely, after communicating with the owner, the family friend will calm down. In general, it is important to pay attention to the dog daily, so that she does not feel alone.
  3. Carefully observe the dog, does the animal have any signs of illness (upset of the stool, vomiting, fever, refusal to eat, etc.)? Deterioration of the dog’s health is often accompanied by howling. It’s time to call the vet.
  4. Scared dog howls. Suddenly dogs really feel misfortune? This does not mean that you need to panic. It’s just worthwhile to be a bit more cautious than usual: do not exceed speed while driving a car, shift an important meeting for another day.
  5. Provide a corner of the dog with toys. In the absence of the owner, the animal can get bored and therefore raise the howl. Although a little lighten the loneliness will help the ball or rattle.
  6. Try to re-educate the animal. Some dogs like to be promoted even for no apparent reason. To exclude this, you can train the animal to the command “stop” or “quiet”.

Be afraid of dog barking is not worth it, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the alarming sounds given to the animal. It’s important not to scream at the dog if she suddenly howls, but try to calm the pet and find out the cause of the howling.

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10 Reasons Why Dogs Howl At Night