10 Smartest Breeds Of Dog

Here is the list of best smartest breeds of dog which are easy to train and perfect for the home with kids. This breeds of dogs include small, medium and large size breeds of dogs from which you can choose for your family depending on your need.

Smartest Breeds Of Dog
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Do you plan to have a dog, but do not know which breed to choose? In this article, we will introduce you to breeds that are considered to be the smartest and easy to train.

If you decide to have a pet that will become a full member of your family, do not be too lazy to do research before which breed of dog suits you best. Find out if this dog can get along with children? Can he live in an apartment? Is it difficult to care for the wool? And most importantly, how much is this breed susceptible to learning? A dog that does not respond to the host’s commands can bring more trouble to your home than joy.

Research on smartest breeds of dog

Dogs are able to understand 250 words and gestures. Canadian scientists have made a rating, which compared the ten most intelligent breeds of dogs. For many dog breeders and owner, this rating can cause doubts because we all love our dogs so much. But it should be taken into account that the people who made it were guided by a lot of tests and assessments, and besides, they were devoid of subjectivity. If you still disagree with something or want to talk about your pet, please write in the comments and participate in the discussion.

Canadian scientists from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver conducted a study of the mental abilities of dogs and made a rating of the 10 smartest breeds of dog. According to the results of the study, the IQ of the average dog corresponds to this parameter in a two-year-old child. Both of them know about 165 words (especially clever dogs – 250), and they also know how to distinguish between signals and gestures. The results of the research also show that in the field of simple arithmetic and know social skills, dogs are much more successful than in linguistics, here their intelligence is comparable with the intelligence of 4-year-old children.

Among other canine skills, scientists call the ability to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 5, navigate the terrain, manage simple mechanisms, and experience joy, anger and disgust. At the same time, more complex emotions such as feelings of guilt for dogs are not available. Canadian researchers made a rating of smartest breeds of dogs depending on their intellectual abilities.

Smartest breeds of dog

Here are the 10 smartest breeds of dog based on the research:

1. Border Collie

Border Collie
Source: akc.org

The Border Collie ancestors worked in the pastures of the southern part of Scotland and the border counties of England. The breed was bred in the late 19th – early 20th century as a new line of Scottish collies. When creating the breed used a variety of sheepdogs. As a result of directional selection, an excellent hardy working dog was obtained, distinguished by the rapidity of movements and the sharpness of the mind. Distributed in countries with developed sheep breeding. The standard was adopted by the English Kennel Club in 1976. Border Collies are easy to train, after special training they can work as guides for the blind.

Border Collie is a medium-sized dog with strong bones and strong musculature. Border Collie is an intelligent, loyal, unpretentious dog, not only as shepherd and watchdog but also a faithful companion, she rightly takes her place in the top ten most intelligent breeds of dogs

2. Poodles

training for poodle
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Poodles are very intelligent dogs and are capable not only of riding in a circus and game shows. Earlier poodles served as rescuers and observers. They swim well and are able to save a sinking person. Of course, poodles can be huge, there are big poodles and small poodles. There are even hunting poodles that are birds with the owner. So, the poodle in the top ten most intelligent dog breeds is not an accidental guest.

Larger representatives of this breed can be good defenders, so do not treat them with disdain.

3. German shepherd

german shepherd dog
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This is a truly fearless dog. He does not care about any dangers. Cold weather for him is not a problem. Trains very easily. You can teach him anything you want, even faster than you expect.

German shepherd gets along well with children and adults. But guests and strangers need to be careful when dealing with this dog because, by nature, she is the protector of her master. This dog can live in your home and even in an apartment. But, a long coat can bring a lot of trouble.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever dog

Perhaps, this is the most popular breed of dogs. And the thing is that the retriever is very good with people and very loving.

It is equally important that these dogs have a “soft mouth”, that is, they can carry even raw eggs without damaging them. This is a trait that you should take into account if your family has children.

Dogs of this breed are excellent swimmers due to webbed feet. They are easy to train, in comparison with many other breeds. They can live in almost all conditions. Well, get on in apartments and houses. But their hair requires daily care.

5. Sheltie

Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog)
Source: adogbreeds.com

Sheltie, perhaps, is the most sensitive dog on this list. They can understand even the tone of a person’s voice. And if the owner communicates with them roughly, they simply do not react to their commands. These are very kind dogs who need the same kindness from the master. Excellent get along with people and are easily amenable to training.

Dogs of this breed tend to be wary of all strangers. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant moments, they should always be under the care of the owner.

Sheltie can live with you in the house, but on condition that you give her a daily opportunity to let off steam outside of the four walls.

6. Labrador Retriever

labrador dog
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Nature has awarded these dogs with webbed feet, which makes them excellent swimmers. Labradors are not afraid of the cold and can adapt to almost all conditions of life.

Labrador Retriever is a very friendly dog. If you have a large family and you want a pet, a Labrador can be a good choice. Dogs of this breed get along very well with children and do not bite.

7. Papillon

Papillon dog
Source: thespruce.com

Papillon is a small but very energetic dog. The main feature of the breed is its ears, which resemble the straightened butterfly wings. Papillon is easy to train, but life in a closed space is hard for them.

These little dogs can bark everywhere, which often create problems for themselves. The wool of Papillon requires special care. You need to watch and clean it every day.

8. Doberman

Source: dogbreedslist.info

If you decide to get a Doberman, then you know, he needs an imperious master. These dogs are powerful and well suited for training. All kinds of physical activities are important for them, Doberman needs to be constantly loaded with some kind of physical work or exercises so that they spend energy.

Dobermans are one of the most fearless and dangerous dogs in the world. Nevertheless, they can become excellent pets if you raise them from puppyhood next to children.

The wool of the Dobermans is short and does not require special care. But you should know that these dogs are susceptible to cold, so it’s better to put something on them during frosty days.

9. Rottweiler

Source: dogbreedlist.info

Rottweiler is a very powerful dog that is famous for its high threshold of pain. A muscular body is a distinctive feature of the Rottweilers. On the one hand, they are very affable, and on the other, these are the defenders of their master.

This dog can live almost everywhere, even in an apartment, if you daily give it the opportunity to use energy. It is easy to train.

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog
Source: wagwalking.com

In the tenth place, the Australian shepherd’s dog. This breed is very friendly to people, but it requires a lot of space for life and a lot of physical activity (at least three hours a day). For this reason, Australian shepherd dogs are not suitable for living in a small apartment. The wool of these dogs is short and does not require much special care.


The researcher noted that recently bred breeds of dogs, as a rule, are more intelligent, capable and easier to train than representatives of long-known species.

So, now you know which breeds of dogs are considered the most capable and can make your choice. Which breed do you like the most? Write in the comments.

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10 Smartest Breeds Of Dog