How to Stop a Cat from Scratching and Biting

Find the best way to stop a cat from scratching and biting without hurting her. Teach your kitten or adult cat to stop attacking you and stop from biting your fingers.

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching and Biting

Furry homebodies are associated with the majority of owners with pacified creatures, peacefully sleeping on their knees. However, often the behavior of mustached pranksters brings household members not only positive emotions but also troubles in the form of bites and scratches. In this case, the owner must decide how to disaccustom the cat to bite. Boring a pet can lead to serious problems in the content of the ruffian and the bully.

Why cat of bites and scratches

Before taking any measures to stop a cat from scratching and biting, a pet from bad manners, the owner should understand the causes of this phenomenon. Specialists in the field of zoopsychology distinguish the following factors and causes of the inadequate behavior of the fluffy tyrant:

How to Stop a Cat from Scratching

  1. Kitten scratch and bite because of the unformed rules of behavior in society. Playing, young animals go too far, causing households trouble in the form of scratches and bites, a sudden attack.
  2. Lack of upbringing, non-socialization can lead to a fluffy aggressor growing out of a cute and spoiled kitten, causing inconvenience to all family members.
  3. Veterinarians point out that the reason why a cat is angry and biting is often a pain syndrome. Such a factor should first of all be considered if the pet was not previously seen in inadequate behavior. Feeling the pain, animals do not realize that their owner does not have the slightest relationship to suffering, and project their negative on the nearest object. In this case, pain can be either a consequence of trauma or with diseases of internal organs. Confirm the guesswork will help inspection of a veterinary specialist.
  4. Accidental injury: Often, pets spin under their feet, especially in the kitchen, waiting for a delicacy. The owner can accidentally step on the paw or tail of his pet. Of course, the response of the offended animal will be the bite of the beloved host, for example, by the foot. Sometimes an awkward movement, when households take on the hands of a pet, can lead to trauma, pain, and the cat, showing its discontent, will scratch or bite the clumsy owner.
  5. Before you can stop a cat from scratching and biting, you need to know that if this phenomenon is observed in a young animal aged 3 to 8 months, then the cause is most often a change of teeth. During this period the animal is troubled by itching, discomfort from teething, and the baby bites everything, including the hands of the beloved master.
  6. Fear: This ancient instinct of self-preservation is also experienced by domestic animals. To frighten a fluffy housewife can do anything: the sound of a vacuum cleaner, the neighbors’ children, a new thing in the apartment. Often, aggression on the basis of fear are subjected to small kittens, who were early taken away from their mother, and they are afraid of everything because of a small life experience.
  7. If Kitten under the age of 5 – 7 weeks have never seen a man growing up, they will scratch and bite like wild. Fear of people, in this case, will be fixed in the form of aggressive behavior.
  8. Before we understand how to wean a cat to bite, it is necessary to understand that the cause of aggression can be the so-called frustration. This is the psycho-emotional state of the animal when it is not able to satisfy its needs for some reason. This phenomenon often occurs when the detachment of the kitten from the mother was done incorrectly, the pet did not acquire the skill of self-obtaining food.
  9. In this case, the young animal, as a rule, bites the owner’s legs, demanding food. An adult cat can be aggressively adjusted if it does not get the expected delicacy.
  10. Often pampered pets become domestic aggressors, being loved by the household. In this case, the ill-bred animal believes that the surrounding people can be punished and demand anything with claws and teeth. Wrong education or its complete absence leads to the fact that the animal does not see a person in authority.
  11. The reason that a pet can bite the owner is often someone else’s smell. For example, when a person strokes another animal, then he wants to pet his pet. The smell of the stranger will cause aggression in the form of scrapes and bites.
  12. With claws and teeth, a fluffy aggressor can demand attention from the owner and household. Initially, the cat, as a rule, purrs, rubs against the feet of the host, but if she is not given enough love and affection, then the animal can attract attention to the way it is available to her.

Often the cause of aggressive behavior in the form of biting is loneliness. If the pet is often left to himself, then the animal can express its discontent by biting and scratching the owner. Similarly, cats can behave during a hormonal spike, when there is no way out for sexual instinct. In the event that the animal has an operation to remove the claws, bite, thereby compensating for his protective instinct.

In each case, the owner must carefully look at the aggressor’s behavior, analyze and find out the true causes of inadequate behavior.

Stop a cat from scratching and biting

Neither the owner nor the households want to put up with cat-like disgraces because bites and scratches tend to be painful and long to heal. Therefore, the question of what to do if the cat bites are relevant in the aggressive antics of the pet. The approach to this problem should be differentiated depending on the age of the aggressor.

Start at young age

stop a kitten from biting and scratching

Before you begin to wean your baby from a bad habit, you need to show it to a veterinarian. The doctor will examine it and give an opinion on the state of health.

Special attention at this age specialists pay attention to the formation of the right bite and normal growth and change of teeth.

If a young animal bites because of the replacement of milk teeth by permanent, it needs to purchase special toys. The ability to chisel cutters on objects will distract the pet from the feet and hands of the household.

What if the cat bites and scratches because of a small age? In the event that the baby bites during the game, immediately remove the hand. Switch attention and make it clear that the hands and other parts of the human body – not an object for scraping and biting, you can with the help of teasers, balls and other toys. To play with a small fidget follows only by means of special feline toys, then the kid will not perceive the parts of the host’s body as an object for games.

It is strictly forbidden to play with the kitten by hand. This common mistake leads to the fact that the behavior is fixed, and when the animal grows, along with it grows and the problems of the household. Playing with a small kitten, do not turn the game moment into a fight. Games should take place in a relaxed atmosphere. It is strictly forbidden to give a stranger a tease to a kitten.

As adaptations for the game are suitable as purchase options in the form of teasers, fur mice, radio-controlled toys, and self-made (tied for a string of papers, rustling candy wrappers).

Teaching an adult cat

After the causes of aggressive behavior associated with diseases are excluded, it is necessary to tackle the serious upbringing of a fluffy animal.

symptoms of ear mites

Solving the question of how to wean a cat to scratch is necessary first of all consistency on the part not only of the owner but of all members of the family. Any aggressive antics of an adult animal should be immediately suppressed. Do it with a loud voice, you can say “Stop it!”.

To enhance the effect, you can drop something sonorous on the floor, clap your hands, etc. Cats do not like sharp and loud sounds. After several attempts, the pet will understand what kind of behavior is required of it.

At the moment when the cat bites, to affect the animal can be water, sprinkling it with a spray. Furry aggressors do not like water procedures. If you do this every time a pet tries to bite, then pretty quickly good manners will be learned.

The usual towel can help in this matter. It should be thrown every time the animal shows signs of aggression. Suddenly, darkness is unpleasant to the animal and is an effective way to wean from a bad habit.

Helpful Tips

Aggressive behavior of a fluffy homebody is a serious problem in keeping an animal. Specialists recommend adhering to the following recommendations for re-education:

  1. If the animal has dug its teeth into the arm or other parts of the body, do not wring it out to avoid even more trauma. To the cat independently released the object of his aggression, you should distract her with a sharp sound.
  2. With small kittens should be played only through special toys and accessories.
  3. At the time of the bite, you should sprinkle the cat with water, click on the nose with your finger or throw a towel over it.
  4. In the question of how to wean a cat to bite, when stroking, one should not impose one’s attention, let alone games that are not sociable by nature. The same category includes pregnant females and lactating mothers.

Knowing the causes of aggressive behavior, the owner should apply the correct methods of his education. If biting and scratching are caused by pain, stress, in this case, specialist help is needed. Correct the behavior of the home aggressor under the power of each owner. Patience and consistency are guarantees of education in a pet of good manners.

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How to Stop a Cat from Scratching and Biting