How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

Find the best way to stop a dog from peeing in the house and find the cause of such behavior. Learn to stop a dog from marking, urinating and spoiling your furniture in your house.

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

A dog can pee on the floor or on the carpet for many reasons. Maybe she was poorly trained and she does not know how to behave in the house. Maybe she was taught to piss on the paper in the house, and then the paper was removed, and what she did instead was not taught. Now she will urinate where she thinks there should be paper. In the end, the whole floor will be stained with urine and will “smell” ammonia.

For puppies puddles left on the floor or rug is the norm. However, when a similar situation arises from an adult dog, it is quite natural to cause anxiety among the owners. There is a conflict that the owners can solve after having understood the causes of the problem and the weaknesses of their pet.

Natural reasons why a dog often pee in the house

This situation can have quite natural causes. Of course, there are diseases, but we’ll talk about them later. In any case, if there is a problem, and it should be analyzed.

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

First of all, understand that dogs are guided by instincts. Dogs perceive the smell of urine as an indicator of their own worth. And the dog can write at an unexpected moment because of fear, threat, stress or pain. If this is so, then treatment is not necessary, you can only slightly adjust the behavioral instinct of your pet. You can train your dog to pee outside the house not inside.

Behavioral features of a dog

When the basis of frequent urination is behavior, then kicks and screams will not help the case, but only exacerbate the situation. Treatment, too, will be a waste of time and money. In this case, you need to carefully educate the dog, be patient, but at the same time be persistent.

Dogs like to tag territory. As a rule, they write to the corners for this. If you sterilize, it will reduce sexual instinct and help to cope with the problem.

Other causes of dog peeing in the house

Incontinence is difficult to treat, since all abnormalities, acquired or congenital, are associated with a reduction in weakened urethral muscles. In such a situation, urine will leak, even in spite of the use of medicines or some auxiliary aids.

What, then, should be done? First of all, it is advised to apply to the vet. If the pathology is found at an early stage, it is still treatable. However, problems can be incurable. However, this does not mean that they cannot be controlled.

Problem with old age dog

tips for caring for older dogs

The answer to the question, why is dog peeing in house Can also be related to its age. The fact is that the smooth muscles can weaken to old age. And in such a situation it is possible to support the animal with the help of medicines.

The young dog may also have a problem. Here plays the role of estrus. When the time comes for the first “hunt”, there are drawing pains. And this leads to the desire to empty the bladder. So, you can get rid of the excess pressure. It is important not to scold the dog, because she understands the problem, but cannot cope with it. Instead, walk with her often.

Also, it is possible that the dog drinks a lot of water, because of what is not able to endure until the time of walking. Here, this exorbitant thirst is a great cause for concern. It can indicate some kind of health problem.

Diseases related to excess urination in dog

The dog is often pee in the house because of various diseases. They can be associated with inflammation, which is difficult to detect even with the help of a survey. However, something needs to be done.

How to Feed a Sick Dog that won't Eat

Record the features of the diet and the regime of the dog. How do you walk it? What does the pet face? How much water does it drink? All these matters to the veterinarian, whom, most likely, you want to call home. The more information the vet has, the faster and better the help.

Cystitis in dogs

To properly assist with cystitis, you need to pass tests. One of the main ones is the standard laboratory analysis of urine. Incontinence can indicate cystitis, and if there is extensive inflammation, urine may leak from time to time. Puppy or adult dog, even during sleep, sometimes defecate.

Why does cystitis occur? Usually, it develops due to hypothermia. To cure the dog, use antibiotics. A few days after the start of therapy, progress is usually noticeable. When the hosts are inactive, the problem is aggravated: first, the dog urinates with blood and then becomes unable to cope with the need. Most likely, you will need a full course of treatment to the end. If hasty discontinuation of treatment after the disappearance of symptoms, relapses are possible.

Polydipsia in dogs

When a dog is being urinated in the house because of polydipsia, she drinks a lot of water. The daily rate is exceeded several times, so frequent urination cannot be surprised. If this happens to the female, the presence of pyometra is possible. It is necessary to make ultrasound, and to treat independently is very dangerous.

Polydipsia is also a symptom. The constant desire to drink water is not the main trouble. The main problem is the causes of that desire, this might be diabetes, kidney failure, genitourinary infection, and many other related diseases. Therefore, the veterinarian must be intervened as soon as possible before it is too late.

Injuries that causes this problem

Injury to the spine can also be the reason that the dog began to urinate more often. Nerve endings or a spinal canal are damaged, and complete disposal of the problem is unlikely. If this dog breed also has a long spine, then the probability of the problem is even greater. In particular, fees are the main risk group.

Childbirth is also a painful process that can affect the development of the problem. Nerves may begin to cling and then weaknesses begin in the limbs, and the appearance becomes painful. It is even likely that the dog will abandon his own puppy. The veterinarian should conduct a comprehensive examination and determine the method of treatment, based on the findings. Probably, the doctor will propose an operation. However, it is better if you do the tests and performs the treatment first.

Ectopia ureters in dog

There is also a congenital disease that causes rapid urination. It is called ectopia and is diagnosed at an early age with the help of anamnesis. The problem is more common in the female dog.

A veterinarian’s examination can help answer all of the questions, and if difficulties arise during the diagnosis, the doctor can examine the animal and correct it with surgery. Sometimes use Intravenous pyelogram.

Treatment to stop dog from peeing in the house

potty train your dog

To relieve the dog of the problem, you must first determine its cause correctly. If the pet is drinking a lot of water, this is one situation, and if there is blood in the urine, it’s quite a different problem but very serious. When pathology is associated with sphincter disorders, hormonal drugs help. In castrated and sterilized dogs, this happens more often because they lack hormones.

In some cases, tricyclic antidepressants may be effective. They help to relax the muscles of the bladder, thereby reducing the sphincter. These drugs are very strong, but can also cause a side effect. That’s why we need competent advice and the right amount dosage from the vet.

When you see puppy peeing in the house and after lots of training he doesn’t understand, consider that he can control this process only to 3-4 months of age. The owner needs to explain everything correctly and prompt him.
On the other hand, if the puppy urinates, it does not happen by chance. Congenital pathology could be formed, which is treated through surgical intervention. Some serious diseases can occur to puppy too, so don’t take this sign lightly even in puppies.

Whatever the cause of dog peeing in the house, you have to first properly observe and find the root cause of this problem, if it is some serious problem you have to rush to vet as soon as possible.

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How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House