How to Stop a Kitten from Biting and Scratching

Find the best way to stop a kitten from biting and scratching without hurting her. It is better to teach your kitten to stop attacking you as soon as possible before she becomes an adult cat.

stop a kitten from biting and scratching

Anyone, even the prettiest kitten under certain circumstances, can begin to bite and scratch, but how to treat this behavior, whether to punish a pet or try to apply a more humane way of retraining and manifesting their attitude to such behavior. Question: how to stop a kitten to bite and scratch is tormented very many inexperienced owners.

To begin with, you should learn to distinguish between the state of your kitten, whether it was biting while playing, or whether it was a blind manifestation of aggression. A common cause of new behavior is associated with growing up, kittens begin to bite and scratch, this is due to a new spiral of development, behavioral features transmitted at the genetic level, and laid down by very distant relatives.

Understand the causes of behavior

The character is laid down in childhood, and if you do not wean from the bad habits of your pet in infancy, then the adult animal you definitely will not retrain:

stop kitten biting

  1. Maybe your cat is just scared? You bring the kitten into a new house, squeeze it, iron. And for him, such attention is not only unexpected but also frightening. Therefore, claws and teeth are used. What to do? It is necessary to eliminate the cause of fear. Leave the kitten alone, give him time to get used to and get comfortable. When he realizes that there is no reason to be afraid, he will stop scratching.
  2. Aggression can be instinctive, involving the violation of personal space. Often the fault is other animals. Hanging in one of the rooms a cage with a bird can so annoy the cat that it will scratch and bite the master. It’s just an instinct. In the case of this type of aggression, it is not necessary to keep the bird (or other obvious irritants) and the cat in one apartment.
  3. Sometimes a cat can scratch or bite too much during a game. She does not want to hurt you, she just does not know that you can not do this. First of all, you need to buy toys. You can throw them, drag them on a thread. Hunting instinct of the animal will be satisfied, and your hands will remain intact and safe.
  4. A small kitten attacks the feet of the hosts, and they become touched. After a while, the adult cat repeats the same trick. Once you did not stop this behavior, so the cat sincerely does not understand why you are not happy. When the cat aggressively attacks you, you can splash it with water from the sprayer. Repeat this several times and she will stop doing so.
  5. If the cat starts scratching or biting, you can also clap your hands. A sharp and loud sound will serve as a kind of limited and the animal will understand that it does not go right.
  6. If the cat still bites you, you cannot sharply pull your hand away. This is how the prey comes in, it jerks and tries to escape. It is best not to move or even to bring the bitten hand to the side of the cat. She will let you go to perplexity.
  7. A domestic cat can become aggressive due to lack of movement. For a cat who lives permanently in four walls, the owner of the hunt sometimes becomes the object of hunting. There is only one way out – you need to offer active games to a cat, for example, to force her to run after a toy on a string, so that she does not have the strength to bite you. Or try to accustom to scratching.
  8. Cats have a very delicate sense of smell, so the cause of aggression can become any smells. You can bring them to the house, for example, on clothes. The cat will smell a threat to its territory and can become aggressive. In the pet store, you can buy a special spray and process some of your apartment. These smells will calm the cat.
  9. A cat should have a personal space in which she will feel safe. It does not matter what it will be a special house or a box. Sometimes you just need to make a cat a place where she can rest, and she will become much calmer.
  10. A good way to stop a cat is to hurt you, ignoring. If the cat started biting you painfully, you just need to get up and go. She will understand that this behavior does not pay attention to her, and will stop attacking.

Stop a kitten from biting and scratching during the game and caresses

month old kitten

Biting and scratching often accompany the joint games of the owner and kitten. Biting can be both a form of the game and a form of aggression, in order to understand what exactly you are facing, it is worth taking a closer look at the obvious signs that your kitten shows:

If you like to squeeze and play with the kitten with the help of hands, then the inevitable reaction will be biting and scratching, this is due to the fact that the fluffy kid thinks that the hand is a toy or its continuation and tries to attack the moving object. Playing like that, you yourself offer the pet to prove itself from the brutal animal side. If you do not start learning right after the beginning of this behavior, your pet will increasingly think that this is normal. In this case, you need to buy for the pet new toys with long handles or the ability to play with them without the reach of your hands, and interactive toys for cats will also suit you.

Another reason for attacking your hands is the banal fatigue from you and the reluctance to continue playing games or caresses, in which case just leave the pet. Another reason you hit the sensitive places of your pet, and he was forced to tell you about it.

Growling, hissing or rapid movements of the tail are manifested in an aggressive state. A minute ago, the pet lay peacefully and now he is ready to attack and clearly signals you about it. The reasons for this behavior are unknown and may indicate dissatisfaction with you, or with some surrounding factors.

In both cases of biting, you should show that you are primarily unhappy with your kitten, for this, have a spray gun with water at hand to sprinkle the muzzle of a young beast. This method will frighten the kitten a little but will be put aside in memory, as a small danger, which followed after certain actions.

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Also, you can make a small click on the nose, only not much, with this action you just have to show that you do not like it when you are bitten. Equally effective is hissing, yes, you will look a little funny, but who actually sees you in your apartment. But, what misunderstanding and surprise you will see in the eyes of a cat, he immediately becomes all clear, you cannot bite.

Assault from nowhere! Perhaps this is the most unpleasant moment, but look back a bit, is not this behavior related to the behavior of a small woolen lump that recently touched you? Many people like it very much when the kittens hunt for their feet because they do not look to the future, and such habits remain in vain forever, if nothing is changed. And then from a small and harmless kitten can grow a large predatory cat and then you will have more difficult questions: ” How to stop the cat from scratch? How to disaccustom the cat to bite? Who is the main in the family?”; but as you understand it is completely different a very complicated story.

So, kitten attacks from emptiness can be connected with attempts of domination. Instincts remain always, and if they are not suppressed in time your pet will feel the main thing, maybe this is so, but he should not know about it. If you see this behavior, clap your hands and say loudly: “You cannot!”.

Never let yourself be beaten by a kitten or a matured cat, such a reaction to a bite will only cause more resistance, and you will make yourself the nastiest enemy from which you can wait, like puddles in the middle of the room, and surprise in your favorite shoes. Certainly, the bad behavior of a kitten can disappoint you and severely upset you but do not be discouraged, determine the source of the cause, eliminate it, show patience and you will no longer have to ask: ” How to stop a kitten from biting and scratching? ” We wish you success in educating an adequate person cat, with a friendly character!

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How to Stop a Kitten from Biting and Scratching