How To Stop A Puppy From Crying At Night

Find the best way to stop a puppy from crying at night when you bring them home. Learn to calm down a crying or whining puppy and make her sleep at night.

How To Stop A Puppy From Crying At Night

In your home a great joy, you have settled a puppy! This is indeed an important event, but also a considerable responsibility. When deciding on taming a puppy, you need to understand that from now on you are responsible not only for yourself but for this small creature. You must provide it with warmth, food, comfort and psychological peace. And this is not always possible, and a small puppy cries at night.

The fact is that the whole world of the dog after her birth is a mother, brothers and sisters. In an instant the world around him has changed, there is no mother nearby, and instead of a habitual residence a new litter and owner. In this situation, not only will the animal whine, but also the person. However, in order to wean the baby to whine at night, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main reasons for which he can howl.

Why does the puppy cries at night

Why does the puppy cries at night

  1. One of the main reasons is that he misses his mother. Until recently, he slept under her warm cask and was not worried about anything. And now he has to sleep alone on a cold mat. No matter how cruel it may sound, it will pass. Usually, after 4-6 days the baby gets used to the new environment, this is normal.
  2. Sometimes a puppy can whine from the fact that his stomach hurts. This can be triggered by overeating. If, after weaning from the mother’s milk, you immediately began to feed him with “adult” food, the baby’s organism might not be ready for it. The transition from milk to solid foods should be gradual. And if you tore the baby from breast milk, feed him first time from the nipple with cow’s milk.
  3. Sometimes a puppy cries because he is scared. Avoid sharp sounds at night, talk to him gently, calm him down.

Stop a puppy from crying at night

The crying at night is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. And especially in a tenement house, where neighbors hear the lingering songs of your new pet. Of course, you want to quickly calm the baby, but how to do it right, without flaws in upbringing.

  1. The very first and most important rule is you do not have to run to the puppy when he whines. In this case, he will think that he can call you that way and will whine even more. No matter how hard, ignore the whine.
  2. For a puppy to sleep at night, and not whine, he must be taken out for a walk before going to sleep. After a lot of running around, the baby will sleep all night, not remembering his distance from his mother.
  3. On a full stomach to whine is not very desirable, so as it should feed the dog before going to bed. This should be a nutritious diet, for example, meat (but only if the puppy is already eating solid food). Leave a bowl of drinking water in the walking distance of the puppy so that he can drink at night if he wants.
  4. If the puppy does not stop whining, you need to tell him in a strict voice stop. This is one of the first commands a dog should learn. If the whine continues, the team should be repeated. The dog does not understand the words of a person but understands the tone addressed to her. And if the puppy is silent, it should be praised.
  5. Some dog breeders claim that the crying at night if it lacks attention and care during the day. Try to give as much time as possible to the baby. Walk more often and play with him or just stay close. At night, when the baby whines from separation from you, put anything on it on the litter. The kid will feel your smell and calm down.
  6. Sometimes a puppy does not sleep, just because he cannot sleep. In this case, you need to put next to his place toys and tooth sharpeners. Perhaps, the kid will be interested in them and will be distracted from whining.
  7. If the baby is about one month old, it means that he is too young to leave his mother. But if this has already happened, put it under the bedding next to your bed. As soon as the puppy whines, lower your hand, stroke and calm the dog. So you need to do it every time. Next night, the dog’s overnight stay should be moved slightly further from the bed. So it is necessary to do every night until the litter is in its rightful place.
  8. It happens that a dog whines not only when it gets into a new house. An adult dog can whine alone while you are at work. To avoid this, go for a walk in the morning with the dog, feed him, give him toys. Tired and satisfied dog will sleep all day.

Teach a dog to sleep at night


To the most basic and original things, the duty is to teach the puppy to sleep at night, or at least to teach him not to bother the owner when he sleeps. However, it is difficult to teach the puppy to fall asleep on time, it is quite difficult, puppies are like babies in this. Very often, instead of sleeping, the puppy prefers to cry, whine or play. Let’s figure out what is necessary in order to accustom the puppy to sleep at night.

  1. At what age is it better to buy puppies? To get a puppy is best at the age of not less than eight weeks. It is during this period that it is easiest to accustom to a night’s sleep. By purchasing a puppy at the age of twelve months, you can be sure that you will not have any special difficulties in sleeping at night. Nevertheless, even at twelve weeks, old puppies are not always calm at night. But this is more often caused by stress, which is provoked by separation from the mother and a sudden change in the situation.
  2. Mode of feeding the puppy. If you want to accustom your puppy to a normal night’s sleep, you should pay attention to his diet. The last meal should be no later than three hours before bedtime. This is necessary for the organism of your pet to digest food properly. Later feeding will mean that the puppy will need to go to the toilet at night. It is worth paying attention to the use of water. You need to milk your puppy at least two hours before bedtime. Otherwise, at night the puppy must go to the toilet!
  3. Hygienic procedures before bedtime. In order for the puppy to sleep all night, he must go to the toilet before going to bed. Then the puppy’s dream, most likely, will be strong and calm. That’s why it is very important before putting the puppy to sleep to take him out onto the street. Such daily activities will result in your new family member becoming accustomed to going to the toilet before going to bed, and you, thus, provide yourself and the puppy a quiet night. Evening walk should become a habit. Doing this is necessary, even if the puppy does not always go to the toilet during such a walk.
  4. Tired puppy is a sleepy puppy! If your puppy is full of energy and wants to continue playing, then, most likely, you will have serious problems with trying to put a small pet to sleep. That’s why it’s very important to play with a puppy a couple of hours before sleep, so you will cause fatigue. Your puppy should realize all the stored energy. Arriving home, the animal will gradually calm down. At this time, it is better not to provoke the puppy to active activities, this should be the key to his sound sleep.
  5. Sleeping place for the puppy should be attractive to him and cause in the animal only positive associations. It should be cozy, warm and located only in the place where you like the puppy. If your pet tries to take something with him into the crib, what he likes – do not resist it. Small puppies very often fall asleep well under certain soothing effects. Sometimes this calm can serve as a normal radio, turned on at a low volume. Never use a puppy’s sleeping place as a punishment! The animal must understand that it does not go to sleep for any fault! Otherwise, the puppy will have a stressful situation with every attempt to put him to bed, because he will think that he is being punished.

And remember, the dog cannot be closed in a separate room. Give her the freedom to move, the dog is studying his new place of residence. And do not try to hit the dog physical strength will not lead to anything good. The puppy will sooner or later stop whining when he gets used to the new place. And then he will sleep soundly all night long so that in the morning he will please you with his sonorous barking and the merry torsion of his little tail!

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How To Stop A Puppy From Crying At Night