How To Stop Dog From Eating Everything He Sees

Find the best way to stop dog from eating everything he sees off the ground on the street or at home. First of all, you need to learn why the dog behaves like this and what to do to stop such behavior.

How To Stop Dog From Eating Everything He Sees

Many time dogs finds something to eat lying around or from the street and yes then he ran away so that the owner did not stop him from eating.

And it is good if the dog selects only something edible, and not as a neighbor’s spaniel, a lover of excrement. Similar predilections of pets simply plunge the owners into shock and, it seems that it is easier not to walk them completely than tolerate this. Because there is no power to fight. And is there any sense? How realistic is it to get rid of this terrible habit? We agree, the habit is really unpleasant, but it is possible and necessary to fight it. Especially in our troubled times, when the cases of dog poisoning became so frequent. Well, we’ll talk about how to do this correctly and achieve the maximum effect in this article.

Why do dog do this

dog trying to smell

Even exclusively home, with a chic pedigree, your beloved pet is still a dog. With all the instincts and habits relying on her. At heart, he is still the same Pathfinder, hunter, and watchman, and the main source of information for the dog, like a thousand years ago, remains the world of sounds, smells and tastes.

Here the puppy sniffed something unusual, new and his next, natural impulse will try it on the palate, lick or bite. And yes, it is possible to eat. Over time, he will gain experience and stop licking and bite everything, but also the dog will learn to clearly distinguish the smell of edible and inedible. And also that which seemed to him tasty.

Does the dog eats everything he sees which include unhealthy stuff and feces? There can be many reasons for this. But the most common are:

  1. The defeat of helminths can induce a dog to eat feces of humans and other animals. parasites do not allow to be absorbed by nutrients from food.
  2. Malnutrition and forced diet. In this case, the dog begins to eat the everything, simply from hunger.
  3. Pathology of behavior. For example, a pet can attract the attention of an indifferent host to get at least some emotion from him. For a dog, this is always better than a complete ignore.
  4. Care for the cleanliness of the home. In this case, the pet simply takes care of itself. Sometimes also for living with her in one apartment cat. Usually this is what bitches do.

By the way, bitches are much more likely than males are inclined to select everything from the ground. And then everything is also explained by the instincts that push the baby to store food for future use, for future offspring. All the more so unusual and delicious.

Stop dog from eating everything he sees

puppies eating

As you know, any problem is better not to admit, rather than then fight it. The situation is exactly the same in our case. Also, but often the master’s illiteracy, laziness and connivance lead to the fact that the dog eats everything on the street and he does not care about it. And that there you shout to him. They even threw him pieces of meat on the floor, because bending down and giving him away was just laziness. Or quietly allowed the pet to lick the crumbs left after the meal of the child. Yes, there are few such situations.

So, you probably already guessed what our main preventive rule will be. Do not ever offer a dog to eat from the floor and do not allow to pick up pieces that have fallen from your hands. What fell, something was lost, i.e. thrown out. If it’s a great pity to throw it away, hide it and give it next time. And it is necessary to fulfill this rule from the first day of the puppy’s stay in the house. So you do not have to retrain.

By the way, with the same purpose, it is better to buy a bowl mini-bowl on the stand so that even his feeding does not happen on the floor.

A balanced diet of the dog will also help to successfully combat eating different kinds of food on a walk. Make sure that the dog’s natural menu is as varied as possible, and that the dry food corresponds to the breed and age. Puppies, sick, pregnant and aging pets must give special vitamins. Those. feed the dog so that he does not simply need to eat something extra on the street.

Watch the baby’s health. Do not forget about the prevention of parasites and just show it to the vet from time to time. And of course, pay attention to him, play with him, caress, talk. Let nothing break his confidence in your love and then he will not have to eat up his anguish and draw attention to himself in the most unexpected ways.

General obedience is important

dog eating

It would seem, but what is the connection between the usual dog obedience and eating from the ground? The most direct! If the dog recognized you as a leader, clearly performs all the commands, then just as unconditionally spits out on command what he has already picked up. Therefore, do not neglect the general, proper education of the ward.

But even if the baby listens to you in everything, except eating delicious, then other methods can help to prevent him from this eating problem. In practice, it looks like this:

  1. Do you know that the kids usually left a lot of food waste (bones from fish, packets with half-eaten chips, etc.)? Tell them to stop doing this.
  2. Dog something actively sniffs, and you are afraid that the next moment something would be in his mouth? Give any command known to him. As an option, not too obedient pet can be distracted by the game.
  3. If a dog already grabbed something? Use some strict command which you have taught to your dog. In this case, you always have a chance to pull a piece out of the mouth. the ward will not run away from you.

But the main thing is the correct and precise working out of the prohibiting command. It will help you to avoid any unpleasant situations and will allow to stop all the undesirable actions of the pet.

Use command for eating

prevent pancreatitis in dog

One way to prevent an unsafe habit of picking up everything from the ground would be to teach the dog to start eating only at the command of the host. And just as it is to stop. It is not so difficult to do this. It is much more difficult to stop feeling sorry for the puppy during training. It is very pitiful to watch him choke on saliva, looking at a coveted bowl of food.

What this word will be is not important. Let’s say “Eat!” Or “You can.” Well, the learning method is extremely simple:

  1. Every time before feeding, you put a bowl but keep the dog from being able to grab something for a few seconds.
  2. Pronounce the command and release so that it begins to eat.
  3. The holding time is constant, but very slowly, increasing to 3-5 minutes.
  4. So repeat until the pet does not understand that you can eat only after the coveted word.
  5. You complicate the task by leaving the room without permission to start eating.

Be sure that after such training the dog will even take a delicacy from your hands only with permission, and not that eating from the ground. The main thing is not to forget by accidentally say the right word and not leave the ward hungry.

But even if you do not intend to educate him so rigidly, then you can use this method in part. Namely, teach him not to touch the food, if before that you said stop. Those, if there is no prohibition, let him eat for health, but if there is, should wait for your permission. After the skill is well fixed at home, try to specifically provoke the baby on a walk. For example, let someone from your friends specially scatter something delicious on his favorite lawn, and you will control his behavior with the help of commands.

A great option will be eating on command, which we talked about earlier. Or else it is necessary to restrict the baby a little territory for walking. And it is necessary to clean the yard constantly and carefully, preferably up to the pet’s paddock.

We really hope that our advice will help you get rid of such an unpleasant habit of the dog, like eating all sorts of things on a walk. Of course, it’s difficult to go against the instincts and habits of the animal, but if you approach the problem seriously and show a little perseverance, then in a couple of months you will be less likely to do it.

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How To Stop Dog From Eating Everything He Sees