How To Train a Puppy To Pee Outside

Find the best way to train a puppy to pee outside the house on the street. Learn when to start your training and different technique to teach a dog to pee outside the apartment.

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The dog pee anywhere they want as it is the basic instincts and reflexes of the animal. But, a domestic pet who left an unpleasant gift in the middle of an apartment is not accepted, and you need to teach him this is wrong. The master’s task is to teach the dog to hold back and ask to go out. In order for a pet to develop certain skills, you need patience, plus a system of incentives and correct punishments.

Problem with puppy

The bladder in the puppies is small, so they cannot wait until the owner returns from work or remembers that the dog needs to walk. Up to 4 months, pets almost do not control natural urges, so the best thing the owner can do is to put a newspaper or a rag in the corner, which will become a temporary toilet.

The dog is trained from the first day as it enters the house. First a rag, then an outside. An alternative is to use trays, but instead of litter fill them in ordinary sand.

It is easier to train a puppy to the street than an adult dog. Young pets quickly become attached to the owner, and try to earn his love, so do not do things that upset the pet. A four-legged friend, taken from a shelter or from acquaintances, will have to be persuaded by his side, and only then begin to learn.

Train a puppy to pee outside


After 10 weeks, when the last inoculation will be done, the puppy can be taken out into the street. It will be necessary to closely monitor the pet for 2-3 weeks, because an animal who wants to pee or cope with great need, gives certain signals like:

  1. The step is slowed down, the pet can sit down on one place, having accepted a strange pose.
  2. The dog whims, looks plaintively at the master, sometimes tries to hide in the far corner.
  3. The puppy sniffs, fusses, dizzy.
  4. Some animals scratch at the door, whimper softly.

The owner, who noticed at least one of these signs, must immediately grab the dog, and run out of the house. To take out a puppy for a walk is recommended after each feeding, and as soon as the pet wakes up. Therefore, until the dog reaches the age of 4 months, one of the members of the family should always be next to it, otherwise, it will be necessary to regularly wash puddles and throw out fragrant piles.

Use small technique

If a four-legged friend was accustomed to a rag, during the first walks it is recommended to take it with him. The diaper is spread on the ground, and a dog is brought to it. Having smelled the familiar smell, the puppy will want to urinate next to the litter, and after 3-4 such walks, the rag will not be needed.

  1. The dog needs to be taken out into a quiet place, where there are few people, the noise of cars is not audible. Extraneous sounds scare and distract the attention of the pet, so he cannot concentrate on the main task.
  2. Puppy is brought to the same place because there are smells of urine and feces. They cause a desire to address the need in the street, and not in the house.
  3. Feces and puddles are removed immediately, the floor is wiped with special detergents. It is recommended to abstain from Domestos and other options with ammonia. In the dog’s urine contains a similar substance that as if inviting “pee here”
  4. Chlorine, although it scares off puppies, but irritates the respiratory tract, can burn the mucous membranes. The ideal solution is to buy detergent in the pet store, designed specifically for cleaning dog.
  5. A four-footed friend should be sent off the scene of the crime, and only then deal with the consequences. Otherwise, the dog can perceive everything as a game, and begins to deliberately shamble throughout the apartment.
  6. You cannot shout at the puppy you caught during the process. You can either grab it in your arms and take it out on the street, or ignore what was done, and silently start cleaning. Scream encourages the pet to search for secluded corners, where no one will see or punish him.

Rules for training

dog trying to smell

The dog must understand when she is doing badly, and the owner is dissatisfied with her behavior, and when she does well, she deserves encouragement. It is recommended to teach the animal two command: “You cannot” and “stop!”. The first is used when the behavior of the animal is inappropriate in a particular situation, he pisses on the carpet, or decided to mark the neighbor, but if the puppy decided to emptying on the lawn, no one will prevent him. The second command is pronounced in a loud and firm voice and means. It is forbidden to do it under any circumstances.

A puppy who knows how to write on the street, but for some reason wants to pee on the carpet, you need to scold. You have to shout stop, resort to violence, too, otherwise instead of an active and psychologically healthy dog the owner will get a frightened and nervous pet.

It is advised to lower the voice, make it rough, but stay calm. It is advisable to command the dog to stop, but you can tell how he upsets the owner. The puppy will not understand the meaning of the words, but thanks to intonations he realizes that he has done badly, and next time he will try to restrain the bladder.

Puppy should be taken to the street after a tight snack and walk until it empties. You cannot get him home as soon as he’s relieved. As an encouragement with his play and use gentle intonations, you can pat and treat with biscuits.

Tip: An alternative to crackers from a pet store will be home-made meatballs. Prepare goodies from minced meat, beef or chicken. No spices or salt, just meat, or add a little cereal. Base the knead, divide into small balls, boil them in water. Dry in the oven and take with you for every walk.

The main thing is to observe the correct sequence: first a praise, then a treat, so that the dog develops a reflex. This technique works with puppies and adults. The pet gets used to going to the toilet on the street in just a few days.

Problems and diseases

A four-legged friend may leave puddles all over the apartment because of kidney problems or infectious diseases. If the dog has pissed on the street, and then has come home, and again has emptied a bladder, and it, not an isolated case, it is time to address the veterinarian.

You cannot scold a puppy who has diarrhea. It is advised to treat the animal affectionately, to calm down after each incontinence, especially if the pet himself feels guilty.

Don’t punish

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

Arriving after work and discovering in the middle of the corridor a surprise, some owners begin to poke the unfortunate animal with a nose in feces or urine. They believe the puppy is able to understand what was punished for, but in reality, the pet only feels the bad mood of the owner and tries not to irritate him.

A dog can be scolded only during the process, but not after several hours. The animal does not know how to analyze and draw conclusions. Such techniques negatively affect the emotional state of the dog, it becomes fearful or, conversely, aggressive.

The only thing that the owner can do in this situation is to silently remove the waste of life and take the pet out onto the street.

An animal that has fallen to a new owner from the street must recognize the person as a leader. An adult dog cannot be beaten or used other harsh methods to gain credibility. When the pet is attached to the owner, the methods of punishment and encouragement should be used, remain calm during the setbacks and continue training.


  1. Emotional dogs that pee involuntarily and cannot control the bladder in moments of great joy are recommended to train the Sit command. Carrying it out, the pet can hold back./li>
  2. Does the puppy urinate at the sight of the dressing master or leash, enjoying the upcoming walk? Recommend to gather imperceptibly, and the collar worn at the exit from the apartment.
  3. It is necessary to observe the schedule of feeding and walking the puppy. You can write in a note, after what time period he begins to want to write, or wants to empty the intestine. Due to this, the probability of unexpected troubles is reduced to a minimum.

A dog is a sensible and quick learner creature that can be easily manipulated. If you approach the problem correctly, your pet will stop writing on the carpet after a few days, and after 2 weeks will learn how to wait for the owner’s return, or use the tray or go outside himself to finish the business.

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How To Train a Puppy To Pee Outside