How To Use a Dog Whistle For Training

Find the best way to use a dog whistle for training and give the command to a dog. Learn what are the types of the dog whistle and how to use that to train your dog without hurting.

How To Use a Dog Whistle For Training

Ultrasonic whistle for dogs is an improved invention of the Englishman Francis Galton, who in the distant invented a device for training circus animals. Modern whistles are also used for training, but it can be used to train your dog and works for any breed of dogs. Their advantage is that only the dogs hear the sound, which means that it will not bring any inconvenience to strangers to such work with the animal.

General information on dog whistles

The design of the first whistle was developed by the British Francis Galton in the distant 1883. Hamilton was a trainer and used whistles in the circus. Today’s whistles can be used for any breeds of pets. As you know, a dog, unlike a person, can catch the sounds that a whistle produces for dogs. In practice, it is clear that dogs are paying much more attention to such sounds than to human teams.

The high-frequency sound given to the dog shows that the animal needs to be done, in contrast to the voice of the host, whose tone can vary. In such cases, the animal may not understand what the person wants from it, accordingly, it will not feel so confident. Experts recommend to accustom dogs to work with the whistle from puppyhood.

How does the dog training whistle works

high frequency dog whistle

The device creates acoustic vibrations that can be compared to the sound signals emitted by the point of the knife with the airflow directed to it. The role of the point is played by a cylindrical resonance cavity, and the air flow, which passes under high pressure, contributes to the occurrence of sound vibrations, the frequency of which depends on the dimensions of the nozzle itself and the resonance cavity.

Most models of ultrasonic whistles have a frequency of 170 kHz. It must be said that the human ear perceives a sound range in the range of 16 to 20,000 Hz, but the canine ear is more sensitive.

A person cannot hear the sound of the device, but a dog can recognize it at a distance of 450 m.

The device is compact, light in weight, the process of training with its help is simple. The material of production is nickel-plated brass, which gives the device strength and durability. For ease of wearing, there is a mounting ring. Today on sale you can find devices in which you can change the tone and sound frequency. In particular, change the mode for training to a mode for scaring off. Thus, you can protect against a pack of stray dogs as yourself and your loved ones, and your pet.

How to use a dog whistle for training

Many people are interested in how to properly use an ultrasonic whistle.

training with dog whistles

The ultrasonic accessory is considered one of the innovative developments. It allows you to produce high-frequency sounds, which are caught exclusively by four-legged pets. In this case, your signals will not distract people, and they will help the dog even more because for it they stand out against the background of other sounds.

To develop a conditioned reflex, training with a certain period of time is necessary, as well as regular repetitions. In any case, the whistle is an irritant to the animal, so we recommend that in any case, when working with it, periodically encourage your pet treats. Think about what your dog likes (for example, meatballs) and stock them before training.

To train the animal, it is necessary to alternate signals of different lengths. For example, if you want to tell a dog to come to you, then it’s better to use a long signal. If you want her to execute the command “lie down”, accustom her to this short burst of sound. In this respect, everything depends on your desires. When walking with a pet on the street, the leash must be fully extended.

The development of a conditioned reflex requires time and repeated practice. And sound as a conditioned stimulus must always precede an unconditioned, that is, a delicacy. It is necessary to alternate signals of different lengths. For example, to train summoning, the command comes to me, to issue a long queue of signals, and that the dog remembers the command “sit”, produce a series of short consecutive signals.

Go for a walk with the animal, spread out the leash to the maximum possible length and use the whistle of ultrasound to whistle the dogs, whistling into it three times. Stop and pull the leash towards you, letting the pet know that you are calling him to yourselves. Secure the result by repeating this action 5 times. If necessary, you can change the tone of the whistle, picking the most optimal for your pet. Having fixed the reflex of behavior, it is possible to try to lower the dog from the leash and force it to approach only with the help of a whistle.

In practice, experienced breeders recommend using a triple whistle to summon a pet. When you whistle three times, walking with a dog on a leash, stop and pull the leash towards you. Thus, you will give the animal to understand that you want it to come to you. Relevant actions must be repeated at least three times, the more, the better. The tone of the signal can be completely changed until you understand which one is the most beloved for the animal.

When the dog understands the command, you should remove the leash and try calling it with one whistle.

To repel dogs with an ultrasonic whistle, it is recommended to switch the device to the appropriate mode and point it at the object, keeping the button pressed for 3-6 seconds. As practice shows, animals start to react to it in different ways: some tighten their tail and run away, others whine and back away. It may be that the device for scaring does not work. In this case, the cause can be sought either in battery-aged batteries or in the weakened hearing of the animal.

Types of dog whistle

To date, dog breeders use one of two types of whistles with different designs:

Stubborn dog
  1. The first type and the simplest one is the standard one. Standard accessories do not fundamentally differ from those used by the police or a judge on the football field. The cost of such an attribute is minimal, but it has practically no opportunities. A standard accessory allows you to only output one signal, and you can only change it by volume level. To date, such accessories are considered obsolete.
  2. Models with adjustable tonality. Such devices allow you to transmit your dog a variety of signals with adjustable tonality.

How to use such a whistle, it is clear to everyone. And you can make a good ultrasonic whistle to train and even scare the dogs with your own hands with physically hurting them.

After all, dogs are afraid not only of sharp sounds, but also bright flashes of light and the smell of ozone. And this device crashes loudly, and shines brightly, moreover, ozone also excretes.

As practice shows, it acts on any breeds of dogs, both the smallest representatives and large individuals of an intimidating species. You can carry it with you in your purse, and bicyclists, who are so fond of dogs, can be put in a purse. On the fly, jab the device and go quietly. That’s all the recommendations. In the process of training, do not forget to praise your four-legged friend, and the learning process will go faster.

At the end, if you can’t do it yourself, you can take a help from an expert or some experienced dog owner.

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How To Use a Dog Whistle For Training